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Are you a miniature painter?

Or a wargamer, boardgamer, scale modeller or all of the above?

Great, we are too!

Do you love discovering
awesome new products?

And having them delivered straight
to your door every month (at the best
shipping rates we can find?)



Enjoy using tutorials to expand your painting techniques?

Then you're in the right place. Every box comes with a tutorial, and our Dicovery Box even features a 16-side guide on how to use the paints!

Is great value important to you?

It is for us too! Each one of our boxes is
hand crafted to give you the maximum
bang for your hobby buck every time.


If you've answered YES! to any of the above, choose your drop from the options below and find the perfect box to support your hobby.

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Core Supplies: Discovery was the first box we designed and remains our best seller to this day!
A multi-talented beast, the Discovery box not only aims to bring you new paints and brands you've not tried before, but also a full colour, 16-sided Painting Guide packed with tutorials to get you started using the paints inside!

Key Info

- Can include paints, washes, pigments, basing materials and any accessories we think you'll need that month. Click Learn More to head to the Discovery page for more info on what's inside our latest drop.

- The contents of each Discovery box are carefully selected to form functional units of paint, which can be used to produce a specific effect. Basically, this just isn't a box of random stuff thrown together! Everything is carefully selected.

- As painters, wargamers and boardgamers ourselves, providing great value boxes is really important to us. That hobby budget never seems to stretch far enough! That's why the Discovery drop will always include over £25.00 worth of RRP! Rest assured though, £25.00 isn't an upper limit; if we can pack more value into the box, we absolutely will.

- Finally, this is a subscription and will renew each month so you don't miss out. You can cancel anytime from your account with no fuss at all. Find out more about how our subscriptions work here.



Great Paints: Heroines is the perfect monthly box for anyone looking to expand their skills by painting a huge variety of high quality miniatures, and build an epic collection of the most basass female miniatures out there! Each Heroines box is designed as it's own mini kit, to create a scenic diorama with your new Heroine(s) at the heart of it!

Key Info

- At Asset Drop, we love products that feel well thought out. That's why each Heroines box is designed to work as a cohesive kit. The contents are carefully selected to be complementary to each other, allowing you to build an awesome mini-diorama for your new Heroine!

- We also include a mini-guide every month so you can get started using the paints inside the drop directly on your Heroine. Past guides have included tutorials on aged metal, pigment weathering, painting fur cloaks, and steampunk gold!

- Everyone knows that a hobby budget is an all too finite resource (ours too!), so providing great value boxes is really important to us. That's why the Heroines drop will always include over £27.00 worth of RRP value! Rest assured through, £27.00 isn't an upper limit, so if we can pack more value into the box one month, we always will!

- Finally, this is a subscription and will renew each month so you don't miss out. You can cancel anytime from your account with no fuss at all. Find out more about our subscriptions and how they work here.
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The Monsters box is currently sold out! Head to the Monsters page via the Learn More button below to find out more and sign up to be notified when it reopens!

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Great Paints: Monsters is THE subscription for collecting and painting awesome monstrous miniatures. As well as providing an exciting bi-monthly painting project, the Monsters box is perfect for adding beasts to your armies, or for building an exciting collection of brutal creatures to incorporate into your DnD campaigns.
Featuring high quality miniatures, hailing from a wide variety of themes and nightmarish settings, our Monster boxes will always bring you an epic kit!

Key Info

- Just like our Heroines and Discovery drops, the contents of the Monsters box is never random. All the elements are selected to work together as part of a thematic kit, so each box will include different products to support that drop's monster - a scenic base, basing bits, basing material, paints, and pigments are all possibilities!

- Quality is also incredibly important to us here at Asset Drop. We have a robust quality check process for each creature that is selected for the Monsters box. It's our aim to never send out a miniature (or a full box!) that we wouldn't be over the moon to receive ourselves.

- Value is one of the core aspects of the Monster box. We will always strive to pack the best value possible into each drop, with an RRP of £40.00 or more!
As well as providing great value, all of our subscriptions come with added subscriber benefits, from a subscriber discount on past boxes, to reward credits for every purchase!

- Finally, this is a subscription and will renew every OTHER month so you don't miss out. Don't worry though, you can cancel anytime from your account with no fuss at all. Find out more about our subscriptions and how they work here.

How do Asset Drop boxes work?

Choose a subscription box that suits you and sign up while stocks last
Your box will ship at the end of the month. You will get a renewal reminder before your next box
Cancel or skip a month at anytime from your Customer Account

What people are saying about Asset Drop:

The quality of what you’ve put together is fantastic. Not just the paints, but the presentation. Once again, thanks for the great service and brilliant product!


I like Asset Drop. I like the customer service, I like the products they give us, I just like everything about them.

Paint With Penny

Exciting looking care package from Asset Drop. I’m blown away by the quality and presentation of this box. Can’t wait to tear into this gear!


Asset Drop is exactly what the painting and modelling community has been crying out for! An opportunity to try out some of the products you wouldn’t normally pick up in your hobby store. Once I receive my box, I can’t wait to open it, then instantly, I can’t wait to receive my next one.

What really impressed me with this service is the interaction I had with their customer support. They went above and beyond what I would have expected!

A very good box of goodies and some top notch customer service!

We Believe In Giving Back


We believe Giving Back is important, so 5% of our box profits goes to charity.

We're currently supporting the The Blue Marine Foundation who are creating marine reserves in the UK and all over the world to protect our oceans and their inhabitants from over-fishing.
Their aim is to protect 10% of our world's oceans by 2020: let's help them get there!

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