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Asset drop discover a monthly box for miniature painters

For the monster mini collector

  • 1 High quality monster miniature
  • 3-4 paints from one of our partner brands
  • Scenic base for your monster
  • Monster info sheet
  • Box RRP £45.00
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Asset Drop heroines a monthly box for wargamers and figure painters

For the female mini collector

  • April’s Box Still Available!
  • 1-2 High quality female miniatures
  • Scenic base for each model
  • 3-4 Miniature paints
  • Exclusive Heroine Card inside
  • Box RRP £27.00
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Asset drop discover a monthly box for miniature painters

For the curious painter

  • 6-8 Miniature paints in curated sets
  • From 3-4 brands each month
  • Premium & less known paints included
  • Exclusive Painting Guide inside
  • Box RRP £25.00
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More Asset Drop Boxes coming across 2018 - watch this space!

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    Choose a subscription box that suits you and sign up by the 7th of each month
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    And then ship your box at the end of the month. Subscriptions then renew on the 7th.

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    We Believe In Giving Back


    We believe Giving Back is important, so 5% of our box profits goes to charity.

    We're currently supporting the The Blue Marine Foundation who are creating marine reserves in the UK and all over the world to protect our oceans and their inhabitants from over-fishing.
    Their aim is to protect 10% of our world's oceans by 2020: let's help them get there!

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