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We have two different lines of subscription boxes!


Do you love discovering new paints and hobby products?

Want to expand your hobby experience with a huge range of brands, build up an epic paint collection, and learn some cool painting techniques?

asset drop core supplies boxes

Then our Core Supplies line is for you! Find out which boxes it contains below:

Check Out The Core Supplies Boxes

Do you love painting and collecting epic new miniatures?

Want to push your creativity with our tailored painting projects, all designed around an epic miniature, in a variety of exciting fun themes?

asset drop great paints boxes

Then our Great Paints line is for you! Find out which boxes it contains below:

Check Out The Great Paints Boxes

The Core Supplies Boxes



Level up your painting skills with our exclusive Tutorial Tiles; two included with every box!

Receive interesting miniature paints from 30+ brands, and test them out on your Tutorial Tiles each month. Follow the detailed tutorials in our 16-sided Painting Guide.

Plus, earn Reward Credits for every Discovery Box you receive, and discounts in our store!


The Great Paints Boxes



Inside every box there's 1-2 fearless male miniatures alongside a related scenic base, a trio of paints to get started and some basing bits too!

Challenge yourself to complete the mini diorama each month to try out new painting techniques and experiment more.

Plus, earn 44 Reward Credits for every Heroes Box you receive!




Inside every box there's 1-2 badass female miniatures alongside a scenic base to display her, a trio of paints to paint her and some basing bits too!

Challenge yourself to complete the mini diorama each month to push your creativity and try out new skills.

Plus, earn 44 Reward Credits for every Heroines Box your receive!




Inside every box there's a monstrous miniature to show off on a large scenic base, a trio of paints to start your masterpiece and some basing bits too!

Challenge yourself to complete the diorama every 2nd month to develop your painting skills on a larger model.

Plus, earn 64 Reward Credits for every Monsters Box you receive!

This bi-monthly subscription will reopen on 2nd July!


How Do Asset Drop Boxes Work?


Choose a box that suits you and sign up to the subscription by adding it to your cart.

That month's box will ship within 3 days of you signing up!
Your subscription will renew on the 1st of each month. Cancel at anytime.

What people are saying about Asset Drop:

Great choice of colours and the combination with the booklet is just fantastic for all kinds of painters. From beginner to pro, everyone can profit from the boxes!!

Michael Emu

Fantastic experience with great variety of product. Have signed for the monster box and standard paint box and have not been disappointed. The booklets are great for explaining specific techniques and the monsters I’ve received have been beautiful models.
Response to queries and the extra step they take is refreshing in this day and age. Can’t wait for my next boxes!

Mark Gould

My first boxes are absolutely perfect – I’ve opened the lid of all of them to retrieve the guides and am now hungrily devouring all the information. To say I am happy would be an understatement 😀
I can’t thank you enough, you have definitely gone beyond my expectations of both service and product!!!

Mike Betts

Have gotten the discovery and heroines box for the last two months, and really like them. The discovery box is amazing for adding a little variety to painting and trying something new. And the models in the heroines box are great for one off paint projects.
All I can say is: Keep the boxes coming!

Lasse Høgsholt

I’ve had two Discovery boxes and they’ve both been great. Great packaging, great paints. Some from manufacturers I’ve never even heard of, so it really is a discovery!

Paul Grindrod

The Monsters Box has a lot of cool stuff in it, and gives me a large finished item to create. I really like that I have a large project to be getting on with! This is what I want from a subs box. I want something that will teach me new techniques and make me better at what I do, not just give me lots of minis to not paint. Asset Drop has delivered me a winner here!

Anjuli Clayden

I cannot express enough how wonderful an overall experience you will have with this amazing company. The team at Asset Drop…get it. From the beginning, their customer service and attention to our needs is second to none. When you receive your item, I guarantee you will never have one better packaged. Then…when you see what is in that box…WOW!!! The Asset Drop team will find something that will make your jaw drop 😀

Heinrich Lenz

Absolutely love these boxes. Got my first Heroines box last month and I’m very excited for the next one. The quality of the products included is top notch and the tutorial has come in handy on several minis. Plus, their customer service is wicked (thanks Gemma!)

Catherine Evans

I received my first asset drop and I can only praise this loot box. The quality of the packing alone is great. The paints you receive are fantastic and who doesn’t like having more paints? especially those that are hard to get in North America, let alone Canada. The instruction booklet is honestly a great addition as it allows you to get an idea on how the paints can be used.

Marek Witczynski

We Believe In Giving Back


We believe Giving Back is important, so a percentage of our box profits goes to charity.

We're currently supporting the The Blue Marine Foundation who are creating marine reserves in the UK and all over the world to protect our oceans and their inhabitants from over-fishing.
Their aim is to protect 10% of our world's oceans by 2020: let's help them get there!

The Asset Drop Community:

Check out these photos to see what our subscribers have been up to with their drops. Every subscription box includes one or more detailed tutorials on how to use the paints, so you'll never be short of options!

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