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November’s Villains Drop Unboxed

November's Villains Box was our first one in the new series which focuses on bad guys! For the villain, we picked Tetsuso, a Kami of the Sea monster from Japanese legend. He's from Bushido Miniatures and being part man, part crustacean, he's terrifying to behold! We paired him with a stunning 60mm Ocean Base from Micro Art Studio to depict him roaming the bottom of the ocean, looking for unsuspecting ships to attack.

We liked the idea that his home on the ocean floor would have become a sort of 'weapon's graveyard' from the heroes he has fought and bested, so we included a pack of Pirate Weapons from Reaper Miniatures. These could be painted and ages to be discarded on the sea floor at his feet. Finally, to start painting this diorama, we included a trio of brand new metallics from INSTAR paint.

Our Patreon Channel features many of the Painting Guides from our past subscription boxes, with 5 new ones added every month. For just $4 you can have access to over 21+ Painting Guides, including November's on painting aged metal. Check it out here!

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Inside November’s Villains Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription villains nov unboxing

November Drop Contents:

  • Tetsuso, Jung Pirates faction, Bushido the Game, £12.95
  • 60mm Ocean Floor base, Micro Art Studio, £4.00
  • Full pack of 16 Razig (Pirate) Weapons, Reaper Miniatures, £7.70
  • Dull Pewter, INSTAR metallics, £1.50
  • Aged Steel, INSTAR metallics, £1.50
  • Polished Silver, INSTAR metallics, £1.50

November Painting Tutorial:
Inside every villains box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For November's drop we covered 5 different ways to use the metallics in the box for painting weapons, including shiny fresh ones and aged, weathered ones.

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Tetsuso, Kami of the Sea
– Bushido Miniatures

tetsuso jung pirates bushido miniatures asset drop villains

Tetsuso, Bushido Miniatures £12.95

Check out the photos below of the finished villains diorama featuring Tetsuso!

bushido miniatures tetsuso asset drop villains

By our subscriber Erik, USA @1nme4u (Instagram)

bushido miniatures tetsuso asset drop villains

By our subscriber Paul, UK

60mm Ocean Floor Base
– Micro Art Studio

asset drop villains box ocean base micro art studio

60mm Ocean Floor Base, Micro Art Studio, £4.00

Reaper Miniatures Razig Weapons

razig weapons reaper miniatures asset drop villains

Razig (Pirate) Weapons by Reaper Miniatures - 16 items, £7.70

INSTAR Metallics

instar metallic paints villains subscription box

INSTAR paint trio of metallics, £4.50

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