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March’s Villains Drop Unboxed

March's Villains Box was a whimsical, mischevious box featuring our star of the show - Firespitter by Moonstone the Game! This goblin and his side kick come equipped with a giant fantasy flamethrower and are full of personality. In this skirmish game, fairytale creatures are hunting for Moonstones, which appear at night. They then sell them to the Wizard's Tower for enormous sums of money, and so they will fight to the death to attain them!

We imagined our diorama to be Firespitter searching in the woods inside an overgrown ruin. To build up this landscape, we created our very own texture - Dank Wildwood. This could be added to a simple wooden base from Warbases with an etched flagstone path down the centre.

To build in more interest, we featured some resin basing bits from Zealot Miniatures. A stone doorway acted as the old entryway into the ruins, and some resin mushrooms helped to add to the feeling of decay. If you also purchased the Heroines Box in March, the two dioramas connected together to enable our female fairies to square up against our goblin in a battle for the moonstones!

Finally, the last part of the Villains Box for March was a set of Hataka Hobby brown paints which could be used to paint the wooden flame thrower. The tutorial for how to do this can now be downloaded on our Patreon Channel here, which contains all our past Painting Guides in digital form for just $4.

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Inside March’s Villains Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription villains march unboxing

1. Firespitter from Moonstone The Game by Goblin King Games, £16.00
2. Flagstone Pathway Base by Warbases, £0.60
4. Slim Door by Zealot Miniatures, £1.25
5. Overgrown Mushrooms by Zealot Miniatures, £2.30
6. Dank Wildwood Scatter from the Asset Drop Baseworks line, £2.55
7. Chocolate Brown (RAL 8017) paint by Hataka Hobby, £2.30
8. Tea Brown (Cha-iro) paint by Hataka Hobby, £2.30
9. Sand-Yellow (RLM 97a) paint by Hataka Hobby, £2.30

March Painting Tutorial:

Inside every villains box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For March's box we looked at painting the goblin's wooden barrel using a simple woode effect, and then adding some leaking liquid effects.

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Firespitter by Moonstone the Game

firespitter moonstone the game asset drop villains

Subscriber Dioramas

asset drop villains march finished

Painted by our subscriber @B.e.nn.i and posted on Instgram

asset drop villains march finished

Painted by our subscriber @veganminipainter and posted on Instgram

asset drop villains march finished

Painted by our subscriber Russell, add a fun extra twistwith some scultped bombs!

Resin basing bits by Zealot Miniatures

asset drop villains box zealot miniatures

Dank Wildwood Landscape Texture & Base

baseworks landscape texture asset drop villains

Hataka Wood Paints

vallejo villains subscription box
Finished Wood & Liquid Tutorial from the Villains Painting Guide by our painter Marc.

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