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June’s Villains Drop Unboxed

June's Villains Drop was sci-fi themed, in a post apocalyptic future, featuring a Plague Gen Mutant from DEADZONE by Mantic Games. We wanted to create a scene that showd the origin of this deadly plague, and so we designed a Secret Laboratory MDF diorama with Warbases.

We imagine that scientists were studying a new drug, perhaps to enhance soldiers, but it went terribly wrong and mutated our poor test subjected into a collosal nightmare creature! To flesh out this undergound lab, we included a seet of Sci-Fi Scenery also from Mantic Games as well as one of their Sci-Fi doors to make the facility feel secure. The villain can then be placed i nthe centre of the lab as if he's just brust from his containment and is making his way through the building, ready to infect the world!

For the paints in the box, we picked three colours from Coat d'Arms to replicate the artwork for the Plague Mutant. The tutorial went through exactly how to paint the monstrous skin effect from start to finish, and  can be downloaded on our Patreon Channel here.

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Inside June’s Villains Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription villains june unboxing

1. Plague 1st Gen Mutant from DEADZONE by Mantic Games, £10.00
2. Secret Laboratory MDF Terrain by Warbases, £4.00
3. Large Sci-fi Door by Mantic Games, £1.10
4. Sci-fi Scenery Set by Mantic Games, £5.00
5. Coat d’Arms, Tank Light Grey, £2.50
6. Coat d’Arms, Desert Sand, £2.50
7. Coat d’Arms, Russet Red, £2.50

June's Painting Tutorial:

Inside every villains box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For June's box we included a tutorial on how to paint the plague mutant from start to finish to recreate his monstrous appearence from the game's arwork.

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Subscriber Completed Dioramas

asset drop villains june

Painted by our subscriber Luke

asset drop villains june

Painted by our subscriber @attable

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