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January’s Villains Drop Unboxed

January's Villains Drop featured a massive Fire Giant Huntsman from Reaper Miniatures, complete with his Hell Hound! To fully show off this incredible model, we wanted to build a desolate lava-style environment. To start with, we designed our very own basing texture - Lava Landscape - which represents a fiery basalt land when covering the base! To add to the atmosphere, we featured some Lava Tufts from Shadow's Edge Miniatures and a set of Human Skulls from MiniMonsters.

A large miniature also needs a large basing bit to add height and variety to the scene, so we also include an impressive Darkwood Tree from MiniMonsters to add to the wooden base with the Huntsman. Finally, to create a lava effect and to paint the lava dog, we included a bright orange Candy Ink from Green Stuff World! Our Painting Guide for this moth covered how to paint a lava dog.

Our Patreon Channel now features January's Villains Painting Guide, covering this fun and simple lava effect. For just $4 you can have access to over 27+ Painting Guides, including January's, here!

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Inside January’s Villains Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription villains january unboxing

January Drop Contents:

  • Fire Giant Huntsman with Hell Hound by Reaper Miniatures, £10.00
  • Darkwood Forest Tree by Mini Monsters, £6.50
  • Resin Skulls by Mini Monsters, £1.55
  • Large Terrain Base by Warbases, £0.80
  • 6mm Lava Tufts by Shadow’s Edge Miniatures, £3.50
  • Lava Landscape Texture by Asset Drop Baseworks, £2.50
  • Green Stuff World Candy Ink - Amber Orange, £2.75

January Painting Tutorial:
Inside every villains box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For January's Box, we looked at how to use a black & white paint from your own collection alongside the GSW Candy Ink to paint a lava dog. This simple lava effect could be used for many fiery miniatures!

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Fire Giant Huntsman by Reaper Minis

fire giant reaper miniatures asset drop villains

Fire Giant Huntsman, Reaper Miniatures £10.00

asset drop villains fire giant

Painted by our subscriber Russell in the USA

lava dog asset drop villains

Completed Lava Dog Effect from the Villains Painting Guide

Darkwood Tree & Skulls
by MiniMonsters

asset drop villains box minimonsters

Darkwood Tree and Human Skulls from MiniMonsters, £8.05/em>

Lava Landscape Texture & Candy Ink-

lava landscape texture candy ink asset drop villains

Lava Landscape Texture from our Baseworks range, plus a Candy Ink from GSW, £5.25

Lava Tufts & Base

lava tufts villains subscription box

Lava Tufts from Shadow's Edge Miniatures and wooden base by Warbases, £4.30

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