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February’s Villains Drop Unboxed

February's Villains Box featured Ollyver from Twisted by Demented Games. This incredibly detailed model is based on the character from Dickens famous novel, but is a mutated version of Oliver Twist. The distinctive steampunk style and unique interpretation of popular characters made Demented Games a must-feature.

To show off Ollyver, we picked a resin sci-fi base from Alien Lab Miniatures and a set of Mechanical Crates from Micro Art Studio to decorate. We imagined the scene to be the inside of the research facility that created Ollyver, who has now escaped and is about to go in the rampage!

To complete the kit we included a trio of skin coloured paints from Vallejo Acrylics. Ollyver is an incredibly detailed miniature with an expressive face, perfect for a tutorial of painting a model's face. This was the focus of our Villains Painting Guide for February, which can now be downloaded on our Patreon Channel here!

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Inside February’s Villains Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription villains february unboxing

February Drop Contents:

  • Ollyver from Twisted by Demented Games, £15.00
  • 60mm Sci-fi Basee by Alien Labe Miniatures, £4.30
  • Mechanical Crates x3 by Micro Art Studio, £3.15
  • Vallejo Extra Opaque, Heavy Skintone, £2.50
  • Vallejo Game Color, Cadmium Skin, £2.50
  • Vallejo Game Color, Elfic Flesh, £2.50

February Painting Tutorial:
Inside every villains box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For February's box we used Ollyver's detailed, personality-rich face to look at how to paint a miniature's face.

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Ollyver by Demented Games

ollyver demented games asset drop villains

Subscriber Dioramas

asset drop villains february finished

Painted by our subscriber Russell in the USA


Sci-fi Base by Alien Lab Miniatures

asset drop villains box alien lab miniatures

Mechanical Crates by Micro Art Studio

micro art studio crates asset drop villains

Vallejo Flesh Paints

vallejo villains subscription box
Finished Face Tutorial from the Villains Painting Guide by our painter Marc.

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