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December’s Villains Drop Unboxed

December's Villains Drop featured a ferocious Female Minotaur from Zealot Miniatures! This model is huge, incredibly detailed and very dynamic, easily becoming the showpiece of any diorama. For December, we actually paired the Heroines and Villains Boxes and designed the wooden bases to slot  together to create one impressive fight scene. In the Heroines Box, we had a Female Barbarian and a Slain Minotaur, so we imagined our Female Minotaur to be distraught at the murder of her partner and ready to seek revenge on our heroine! Check out the combo diorama below.

Also inside the Villains Box, we included a wooden base from Warbases with a bag of Slate Stones and pack of Autumn Tufts from Serious Play to build the landscape. As an added basing piece, we featured a Dead Adventurer from Zealot Miniatures. Finally, to start painting the miniature we picked a beautiful set of cold greens from Reaper Paints. These were designed to paint a green leather effect, to allow the clothing to stand out against the Minotaur's flesh.

Our Patreon Channel now features December's Villains Painting Guide, covering two different ways to paint green leather. For just $4 you can have access to over 21+ Painting Guides, including December's, here!

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Inside December’s Villains Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription villains december unboxing

December Drop Contents:

  • Female Minotaur by Zealot Miniatures, £15.00
  • Fallen Adventurer by Zealot Miniatures, £1.00
  • Wooden Terrain Base by Warbases, £0.65
  • Jungle Moss by Reaper Master Series, £2.70
  • Highland Moss by Reaper Master Series, £2.70
  • Pale Lichen by Reaper Master Series, £2.70
  • Slate Basing Pieces - Mixed Sizes by Serious Play, £1.15
  • Autumn True Tufts by Serious Play, £2.25

December Painting Tutorial:
Inside every villains box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For December's box, we picked a trio of cool greens from Reaper Miniatures Core Colours. These were used to show subscribers to paint green leather using two different methods, both of which are quick and simple.

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Female Minotaur by Zealot Miniatures

female minotaur zealot miniatures asset drop villains

Female Minotaur, Zealot Miniatures £15.00

Check out the photos of December's Villains Box connected to December's Heroines Box, created by our subscribers!

zealot miniatures minotaurs asset drop villains

Painted by our subscriber Eddie @primitive_paintshop (Instagram)

zealot miniatures minotaurs asset drop villains

By our subscriber Erik @1nme4u (Instagram)

Base & Dead Adventurer

asset drop villains box december

Warbases scenic villains base & Dead Adventurer from Zealot, £1.65

Slate Stones & Autumn Tufts
Serious Play

serious play scenics asset drop villains

Slate Stones and True Aumtumn Tufts by Serious Play, £3.40

Reaper Miniatures Core Colors Paint

reaper green paints villains subscription box

Jungle Moss, Highland Moss and Pale Lichen by Reaper Miniatures, £8.10

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