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April’s Villains Drop Unboxed

April's Villains Box featured a punk style female demon called Kelith from Siren Miniatures. She was paired against a gunslinger in our Heroines Box, and the two were fighting it out in an old town.

To put together this diorama, Warbases designed a custom MDF kit - the Trade Post - a storage house with a smashed ceiling, which Kelith had just dropped through. To flesh out the enviornment, we featured the Dungeon Debris terrain from Terrain Crate by Mantic Games, which comprised of different boxes, barrels and debris, perfect for the destroyed Trading Post.

Finally, all our boxes contain paints and a tutorial in our Villains Painting Guide to get your started painting your miniature. For Kelith we picked a trio of Army Painter blues to paint her skirt and pin- stripped leggings.

The tutorial from April's Villains Box can be downloaded on our Patreon Channel here, which contains all our past Painting Guides in digital form for just $4.

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Inside April’s Villains Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription villains april unboxing

1. Kelith the female demon by Siren Miniatures, £13.00

2. The Trading Post MDF diorama by Warbases, £4.00

3. Dungeon Debris Scatter from Terrain Crate by Mantic Games, £8.00

4. The Army Painter Warpaints, Wolf Grey, £2.50

5. The Army Painter Warpaints, Ice Storm, £2.50

6. The Army Painter Quickshade, Blue Tone, £2.50

April Painting Tutorial:

Inside every villains box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For April's box we covered how to paint her blue skirt and then add a pin-striped pattern to her leggings using freehand techniques.

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Subscriber Completed Dioramas

asset drop villains april

Painted by our subscriber @doggnamn

asset drop villains april

Painted by our subscriber Russell

asset drop villains april

Painted by our subscriber @B.e.nn.i

asset drop villains april

Painted by our subscriber @jeremybrown56

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