Welcome to our Competitions page! This is a place where we can reward our subscribers with various prizes, and offer the rest of the community chances to win too. Below you will see a list of our current competitions, and also a recent archive to browse. We hope you decide to join in and enter one of our competitions!


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This box was launched in November 2019! If you're interested in subscribing to our monthly Villains Box, but would like to know what sort of things you can expect in your mystery drop each month, check out the unboxing articles below 🙂

The Villains Box is ideal for anyone who wants a new project to complete every month as a way to develop new painting skills and push yourself creatively. All boxes come with free painting tutorials.

If you'd like to subscribe to our monthly Villains Box, you can check the availability on our store by clicking here!


December: A Beast's Fury Box

december asset drop villains box

December's Box contained an enraged Female Minotaur from Zealot Miniatures, a wooden base with Slate Stones and Autumn Tufts to build a landscape for our villain, a Dead Adventurer basing piece, and a trio of Reaper Greens for painting leather.

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November: From The Deep Box

november villains asset drop

November's Box contained a terrifying Kami of the Sea villain from Bushido Miniatures, with an 60mm Ocean Base from Micro Art Studio, a set of Pirate Weapons from Reaper Miniatures for basing, and a trio of metallics from INSTAR paint.

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