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The Monsters Box is ideal for anyone who wants a new project to complete and loves painting larger, monstrous minis! You get a box every 2 months, giving you plenty of time to finishing painting your new model. All boxes also come with free painting tutorials.

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November Box: Sneak Peak

november asset drop monsters box
November's Drop contains an amazing deamonic miniature from a mystery studio, a custom resin base, a set of miniature paints, some basing bits and of course, a free painting tutorial related to the box contents!
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Sept: The Orc Warlord Box

september asset drop monsters box
September's Drop was packed full with a stunning Orc miniature by the 3d Art Digital, a towering 50mm Gritstone Base by Serious Play, a trio of green-toned paints by Coat d'Arms, an exclusive green Camo Wash by INSTAR Paints, and a pair of basing materials by Serious Play. Plus a free tutorial on painting orc flesh!
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July: The Kill Brute Box

july asset drop monsters box
July's Drop contained a fearsome monster with a giant axe by Mierce Miniatures, a 60mm shale base by Micro Art Studio, a set of corpse resin bits and a Stone Wash by Secret Weapon, and a trio of warm grey paints from WarColours. Plus, a free tutorial on painting stone!
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May: The Deep Forest Box

may asset drop monsters box
May's Drop contained an imposing Forest Troll by Atlantis Miniatures, a trio of brown Reaper paints, an 80mm HDF base with resin mushrooms & tree stumps by Kromlech, and a Woodland Landscape Texture & set of Forest Tufts by Serious Play. Plus, a free tutorial on painting living wood!
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