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The Heroines Box is ideal for anyone who wants a new project to complete every month as a way to develop new painting skills and push yourself creatively. All boxes come with free painting tutorials.

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Nov: The Persian Assassin Box

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October: The Steampunk Speed Box

october asset drop heroines box
October's Drop featured a stunning steampunk heroine, Lady Dorothy Quimby by Micro Art Studio, a 60mm Secret Weapon Town Square base, a Victorian lamp by Hexy Studio, and a trio of Coat d'Arms reds.
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Sept: The Warrior and The Hawk Box

september asset drop heroines box
September's Drop contained a beautiful female warrior by RN Estudio, Nadia, accompanied by her ferocious War Hawk. Plus, an Ancient Base by Micro Art Studio, a trio of Reaper Blues and an Alien Labs shield.
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August: The Dwarven Adventurer's Box

august asset drop heroines box
August's Drop contained a pair of female dwarves from Atlantis Miniatures, a cobblestone base from Tabletop Art, a trio of leather paints from Coat d'Arms and a large selection of resin basing bits.
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July: The Spy In Space Box

july asset drop heroines box
July's Drop contained a stunning ALEPH female spy from Infinity the Game - Andromeda and her robot Cetus, a huge Warp Core base by Secret Weapon, a trio of white paints from INSTAR paint, a supply marker for Infinity by Micro Art Studio and a Sci-Fi graffiti transfer.
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June: The Steampunk Gangster Box

june asset drop heroines box
June's Drop contained a beautiful steampunk heroine from Infamy: The Big Smoke miniatures game, a pair of golds from Darkstar, a Secret Weapon Baby Poop wash, an Ancient Machinery base from Tabletop Art and a Victorian lamp post basing bit to complete the set.
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May: The Post Apocolypse Box

may asset drop heroines box
May's Drop contained two badass women from The Drowned Earth miniatures game, Gersla and Alaya, paired with a scenic Concrete Base from Micro Art Studio, a pair of Jerry Cans from Zinge Industries, and some metallics with a wash by Coat d'Arms.
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April: The Darklands Witch Box

april asset drop heroines box

April's Drop contained the beautiful Druid Priestess, Maari, by Mierce Miniatures, a trio of Reaper MSP browns for painting fur, a highly detailed Celtic base by Titan Forge, some mystical Brown Lichen by Serious Play and some resin basing bits.

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March: The Vindicare Assassin Box

march asset drop heroines box
March's Drop contained a badass vindicare assassin female miniature from Wargame Exclusive complete with her own scenic base, a trio of grey and black paints from Coat d'Arms, and a Kromlech dust pigment along with one of our Asset Dropper bottles for creating a pigment wash.
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February: The Slayer and The Rogue Box

february asset drop heroines box
February's Drop contained a pair medieval ladies from Acolyte Miniatures, The Dragon Slayer and The Rogue, a set of WarColours primary colours for colour mixing and a Silver metallic, and finally a pair of bases by Secret Weapon to match the different miniatures.
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