Welcome to our Competitions page! This is a place where we can reward our subscribers with various prizes, and offer the rest of the community chances to win too. Below you will see a list of our current competitions, and also a recent archive to browse. We hope you decide to join in and enter one of our competitions!


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This subscription ran for a 12 month period from November 2018 to October 2019, before finishing.

Our heroes have now gone over to the dark side, and the Heroes Box has become the Villains Box! This new monthly subscription box gives some spotlight to the bad guys and also provides an enemy for our Heroines Box divas to fight, since the themes of both these boxes will now match each month.

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Nov: Launch of the new Villains Box!

asset drop villains box
After 12 months, our Heroes Box subscription came to an end. It was replaced by the Villains Subscription from November 2019!

The Villains subscription gives the spot light to the bad guys this time, features models in a 28mm scale, but with more variety than the Heroes Box. The models could be humans or creatures, male or female, one mini or a few together!
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October: The Water and Light Box

october heroes box asset drop

October's Box contained the Black Lamp miniature from Carnivale, a Gondola miniature, exclusive MDF Venice Canal terrain, a resin water effect and a trio of Army Painter for painting an OSL effect.

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Sept: The Celestial Rebellion Box

sept heroes box asset drop
September's Box contained a Fallen Angel from Darksword Miniatures, a Badlands Basing Scatter, a little demon from Titan Forge, an Ancient Plinth from Kromlech, and three grey Ammo by Mig paints.
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August: The Mystical England Box

august heroes box asset drop

August's Box contained a powerful druid from Mierce Miniatures, a Stone Circles base from Tabletop Art, a set of stunning Dark Moss tufts by Gamers Grass, and leather paints by Coat d'Arms.

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July: The Toxic Underworld Box

july heroes box asset drop
July's Heroes Drop contained a modern miniature from Sukubus Studio, a amazing 50mm Sewer Base from Malifaux, paints from Darkstar Molten Metals range and a Secret Weapon Fallout Wash!
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June: The Armoured Soldier Box

june heroes box asset drop
June's Heroes Drop contained an amazing Infinity The Game soldier, a 60mm desert base from Secret Weapon,sci-fi crates from Warhead Studio, INSTAR paints and a Heavy Chipping Fluid from Ammo of Mig!
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Why Was There No May Heroes Box?

In April we decided to change the way our subscriptions work. Since we launched in 2017, people subscribed during the month and their first box was shipped on the 27th of the month. Their subscription then renewed automatically on the 7th of the following month.

We decided it would be better for people to receive their box straight away at the beginning of the month, rather than a long delay until it shipped. Receiving it at the beginning of the month would also feel better.

To do this, we had to 'skip' May's box. Instead of renewing on the 7th May, people renewed on the 1st June, and instead of their next box shipping on the 27th May, it shipped between the 2nd - 5th June. We felt like this would be a much better experience for people going forwards and have had great feedback since the change 🙂

April: The Fallen Angel Box

april heroes box asset drop
Aprils' Drop was a VILLAINS TAKEOVER where we featured the demon Moloch in his angel form from Purgatory Miniatures! Plus a 50mm Chaos Base from Alien Lab, skulls from Toad King Castings and Hataka paints!
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March: The Steampunk Gentleman Box

march heroes box asset drop
March's Drop contained the steampunk gentleman Arthur Baskerville from Micro Art Studio, a Clockwork Servant, set of wooden crates and a stone pillar, a 60mm Victorian Flagstone Base and some Army Painter greens!
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Feb: The Intrepid Barbarian Box

February heroes box asset drop
February's Drop contained a wandering Barbarian miniature by Lion Tower Miniatures accompanied by his pet Owl, a stunning 50mm scenic base by Alien Lab Creator, and a trio of Native American Flesh paints from Foundry.
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Jan: The Katanaka Snipers Box

january asset drop heroes box
January's Drop featured a pair of skilled Katanaka gang snipers from Malifaux, a 60mm cathedral rubble base by MiniMonsters, a set of basing tufts and urban powder by War World, and a trio of stone paints by Reaper.
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Dec: The Bushido Samurai Box

december asset drop heroes box
December's Drop contain a pair of noble Samurai warriors from Bushido, a 60mm Asian Garden base from Secret Weapon, a set of Asian Flower Tufts from Serious Play, and a trio of greens by Coat d'Arms.
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Nov: The Warrior Bishop Box

nov asset drop heroes box
Nov's Drop contained a outstanding Bishop miniature from Rage Craft Studio, a custom base extender by Serious Play, a set of Religious Tomes & Candles for basing, and a trio of pink & purple Warpaints.
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