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March: The Bubblegum and White Box

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Feb: The Zombies and Steel Box

feb asset drop discovery box
January's Drop contained a zombie flesh trio from MR.PAINT, an AK Interactive True Metal Steel paint, the Ultimate Light Dirt Weathering Wash, and a trio of Revell Aqua paints for painting dark armour.
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Jan: The Feathers and Rust Box

jan asset drop discovery box
January's Drop featured a trio of rust effects paints from Vallejo's Mecha Paints, a trio of yellow paints from the ScaleColor Fantasy & Games line, a Pearlescent paint by Com Art and a Sapphire metallic pigment from Pearl Ex!
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Dec: The Terrain and Indigo Box

dec asset drop discovery box
December's Drop contained a pair of Terrain Washes from Handcraft Tabletop, an Indigo trio from Hataka Hobby, a gold & silver pair from Darkstar metallics and two epic effects brushes by Mig Jimenez.
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Nov: The Olive and Weathering Box

nov asset drop discovery box
November's Drop contained a pair of water-mixable oil paints from Winsor & Newton, a quad of olive paints from AK Interactive, a weathering pigment from Wilder and a pre-release of INSTAR's Ice White Alpha line paint!
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Oct: The Colourshift and Sandstone Box

oct asset drop discovery box
October's Drop contained a trio of beautiful colourshift metallics by Turbo Dork, a set of sandstone colours from Humbrol Acrylics and a pair of ink washes from the new Green Stuff World line.
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Sept: The Tentacle Pink and Tracks Box

august asset drop discovery box
September's Drop contained a trio of Nipple Pink paints from Foundry, a rich brown trio from Colours of War paints, and a set of weathering products for tanks from Ammo by Mig and Alclad, incl. a metallic pigment!
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August: The Copper and Water Box

august asset drop discovery box
August's Drop contained a trio of Darkstar copper metallics, a pair of Hataka Hobby greys, a whole set of Serious Play basing materials incl. their water effect, and a pair of INSTAR washes.
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July: The Fire and Blondes Box

july asset drop discovery box
July's Drop contained a trio of fire colours from Mr Paint, a trio of Blonde hair paints from Reaper MSP, two ink washes from Coat d'Arms to go with each paint trio, and a soot pigment from Kromlech.
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June: The Ice and Engines Box

june asset drop discovery box
June's Drop contained an engine metallic and pair of acrylic oil effects from Secret Weapon, blue burned exhaust from LifeColour, a trio of ice colours from ScaleColor and a gloss varnish from WarColours.
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May: The Cloth and Concrete Box

may asset drop discovery box
May's Drop contained a trio of grey paints from Italari acrylics, a pair of transparent weathering paints from Mission Models, a quad of red paints from INSTAR paint and a sponge brush accessory.
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April: The Flesh and Foliage Box

april asset drop discovery box
April's Drop contained a trio of African Flesh paints from Foundry, a mud paint and a wash from Army Painter to go with the Baked Canyon basing materials from Serious Play, and finally a trio of greens from Mig Jimenez.
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March: The Ghosts and Crystals Box

march asset drop discovery box
March's Drop contained a trio of crystal colours from Com Art, a pair of ghostly turquoises from Reaper MSP, a colorshift metallic from Green Stuff World, a black gloss from Revell and an Asset Dropper bottle.
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February: The Bronze and Camo Box

february asset drop discovery box
February's Drop contained a pair of Bronze metallics from Darkstar, a pair of unique washes from Secret Weapon, a trio of camouflage colours from Hataka Hobby, a verdigris pigment from Secret Weapon and a sponge.
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January: The Wood and Snow Box

january asset drop discovery box
January's Drop contained a trio of paints from ScaleColor for painting wood and leather, a trio of yellows from Coat d'Arms and a set of snow basing materials from Precision Ice and Snow.
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December: The Chipping and Rust Box

december asset drop discovery box
December's Box contained a pair of Mission Models acrylics, an AK Interactive Chipping Fluid and an Alclad Rust Pigment for chipping effects, plus a trio of Marine paints from WarColours & a pair of Asset Dropper bottles.
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November: The Brass and Armour Box

november asset drop discovery box
November's Drop contained a trio of Rubber paints from Secret Weapon, a pair of Brass metallics from Mig Jimenez, a green textured paint by Coat d'Arms and a Mud pigment from BrokenToad.
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October: The Flesh and Weathering Box

october asset drop discovery box
October's Drop contained a trio of pale flesh paints from Reaper MSP, a complementary red and orange from Com Art, a Liquid Pigment set from LifeColor and an Old Grease pigment from Wilder's Gunpowder Line.
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