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A Quick Reference Page For Every Tutorial We've Ever Done!

This page has been designed with our subscribers in mind. Once you've been with us for a few months, you might find yourself wanting to locate the guide to a technique we once covered. But which booklet covered painting ice? It's almost impossible to remember! Well now you don't have to - simply head to this page on the website to discover what month the tutorial you're looking for was featured 🙂

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asset drop discovery
asset drop discovery

Discovery Painting Tutorials For 2019

January (16):

  • How to Paint Yellow Feathers - ScaleColor trio
  • How to Create a Rust Effect - Vallejo Mecha trio

February (17):

  • How to Paint Zombie Flesh - MR.PAINT trio
  • How to Paint Black Armour - Revell trio
  • Using the UMP Weathering Wash

March (18):

  • How to Paint a White Dress - Andrea Color trio
  • Painting Lenses using Mig Jimenez Crystal Colors

April (19):

  • How to Paint a Worn Orange Banner - Kimera Kolors
  • How to Paint Metallic Fish Scales - Green Stuff World

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Discovery Painting Tutorials For 2018

July (10):

  • How to Paint Realistic Blonde Hair - Reaper trio
  • How to Paint a Fire Effect - MR.PAINT trio

August (11):

  • 3 Techniques for Painting Copper TMMs - Darkstar trio
  • How to Paint Simply Grey Fabric - Hataka pair
  • A Basing Tutorial on Using The Resin Water Effect - Serious Play Scenics

September (12):

  • How to Paint Monster Tentacles - Foundry trio
  • Painting a Rusted Tank Track Effect - Mig Jimenez and Alclad II products
  • How to Paint Simple Pottery - Colours of War trio

October (13):

  • Tips For Using Colourshift Paints - TurboDork
  • How to Paint Sandstone - Humbrol

November (14):

  • How to Create a Weathered Effect Using Oils - Winsor & Newton oils paints
  • Painting an Olive Uniform - AK Interactive paints

December (15):

  • How to Weather Wood - Tabletop Terrain washes
  • How to Paint Old Victorian Metallics - Darkstar metals
  • How to Paint Dark Blue Clothing - Hataka Hobby trio


January (4):

  • How to Paint a Damaged Leather Effect - ScaleColor
  • How to Paint Vibrant Yellow Fabric - Coat d'Arms trio
  • Using Snow Basing Material - Precision Ice and Snow

February (5):

  • How To Paint Bronze TMMs - Darkstar pair
  • Creating a Patina Weathered Effect - Secret Weapon
  • How to Paint 2 Different Camouflage Patterns - Hataka Hobby

March (6):

  • How to Paint a Purple Crystal Effect - Com Art trio
  • Painting Teal Ghosts - Reaper pair
  • Tips for Using the Colourshift Effect - Green Stuff World

April (7):

  • How to Paint African Skin - Foundry trio
  • How to Paint Green Foliage - Mig Jimenez and Army Painter greens
  • Tips for Using Baked Canyon Basing Materials - Serious Play

May (8):

  • How to Paint a Concrete Floor Effect - Italeri trio
  • Painting a Red Clock - INSTAR paints

June (9):

  • How to Paint an Engine Effect with Blue Heat Stain - Secret Weapon trio and LifeColor Effect
  • How to Paint an Ice Effect - ScaleColor trio

Discovery Painting Tutorials For 2017

October (1):

  • How to Paint Caucasian Flesh - Reaper trio
  • How to Weather a Tank Using Pigments - LifeColor and Wilder

November (2):

  • How to Paint Brass Armour - Mig Jimenez pair
  • How to Paint a Dark Armour Effect - Secret Weapon
  • How to Paint Rubber Tires - Secret Weapon

December (3):

  • How to Use Chipping Fluid to Create a Chipped Paint Effect - AK Interactive and Mission Models
  • How to Blend Using WarColours Blue Gel-Based Paints

asset drop heroines
asset drop heroines

Heroines Painting Tutorials For 2019

January - The Silent Ones:

  • How to Paint Ice Crystals - INSTAR sheen paints trio

February - Female Sorceress:

  • How to Paint a Fire Effect - Reaper 'pure pigment' trio

March - Bernette Vigil:

  • How to Paint Bronze True Metallic Metals - Coat d'Arms trio

April - Erishkigal:

  • How to Paint a Purple Dress - Vallejo trio

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Heroines Painting Tutorials For 2018

December - Bushido Ninjas:

  • How to Paint Wooden Planks - The Army Painter trio

November - Lady Assassin:

  • How to Paint a Linen Robe - Reaper trio

October - Dorothy Quimby:

  • How to Paints a Red Dress - Coat d'Arms trio

September - Nadia:

  • How to Paint a Blue Cloak - Reaper trio

August - Female Dwarves:

  • How to Paint Leather Effects - Coat d'Arms trio

July - Andromeda:

  • How to Paint a White Cloak - INSTAR paints


February - Dragon Slayer:

  • How to Mix Colours Using Colour Theory - WarColours

March - Vindicare Assassin:

  • How to Paint Black Armour - Coat d'Arms trio

April - Maari:

  • How to Paint a Fur Cloak - Reaper trio

May - Drowned Earth Gang:

  • How to Paint Old Worn Metallics - Coat d'Arms trio

June - Trudy May:

  • How to Paint a Steampunk Jepack - Darkstar & Secret Weapon

asset drop heroes
asset drop heroes

Heroes Painting Tutorials For 2018-2019

November - Warrior Bishop:

  • How to Paint a Purple Robe - The Army Painter trio

December - Noble Samurai:

  • How to Paint a Green Samurai Tunic - Coat d'Arms trio

January - Katanaka Snipers:

  • How to Paint Weathered Stone - Reaper grey trio

February - Intrepid Barbarian:

  • How to Paint Barbarian Flesh - Foundry trio

March - Steampunk Gentleman:

  • How to Paint a Check Patterned Cloak - The Army Painter

April - Fallen Angel Moloch:

  • How to Paint Blue Demon Skin - Hataka Hobby trio

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asset drop monsters
asset drop monsters

Monsters Painting Tutorials For 2018-2019

May 2018 - Forest Troll

  • How to Paint a Living Wood - Reaper trio

July - Axe Kill Brute

  • How to Paint Realistic Stone - WarColours and Secret Weapon

September - Orc Warlord

  • How to Paint Orc Skin - Coat d'Arms and INSTAR

November - Decaying Deamon

  • How to Paint Rusted Metal - Darkstar, Kromlech and INSTAR

January 2019 - Kin of Dragons

  • How to Paint a Leather - ScaleColor trio

March - Armoured Griffin

  • How to Paint a Fur Effect - Reaper trio

To see images of these past boxes to remind you of what was inside them,
simply head to our Monsters Unboxing Page!