Freelance 3D Sculptors Wanted

Hey there,

Thank you for coming over to our website to check out our new project.

We're looking to work with freelance 3D sculptures on a recurring monthly basis. We'd like you to design sci-fi miniatures to be printed on a 3D resin printer. The miniatures will be in a range of different themes, which will change each month, for example one month it might be cyberpunk and another month it might be gothic sci-fi.

The miniatures will be aimed at miniature painters and wargamers who'd like to print a new sci-fi army to use in their favourite game, or who'd like to paint them for display. The miniatures in each themed set will include hero characters, monsters/creatures, terrain, and sci-fi vehicles & machinery. They will range in size from 32mm heroes to larger 100mm+ showpieces.

We're hoping to work with a few different designers each month, therefore you can design to your strength and preference in terms of whether you prefer to design vehicles or people, for example.

It would be ideal if you've designed miniatures and scale models before, but it's not essential. You'll have to be good at working to a deadline, because the new miniature pack will need to be ready for release on the 1st of each month.

It's also better if you are a fan of the sci-fi genre as you'll have more inspiration to draw from when designing, but this isn't critical. We will be providing a brief for each miniature design, but you'll have a lot of creative freedom too.

If you're interested in regular freelance design work like this, please send us an email on [email protected]

Let us know your rate per design and a little about yourself. Plus, feel free to ask us any questions 🙂

Thank you so much!

Founder of Print Minis