Asset Drop’s Featured Tutorials – Weathering

This collection of videos covers the topic of weathering, from using mud to dust to patina. The contents in this hub will be useful for the following Asset Drop boxes:

Mud Effects

Building Up Mud on Tank Tracks

Making Mud From Glue and Pigment

More Tank Tracks and Mud Pigments

This video use enamel to adhere the pigment, but PVA glue or a pigment fixer will work fine too.

Creating a Mud Base

Creating a Mud Base 2

Mud Effects on a Cloak

Using Liquid Pigments

Liquid pigments are awesome for producing very natural looking weathering effects, and are easy to use since they come pre-mixed. These videos will show you how to use them for emphasising details and pin washing.

Using Your LifeColor Liquid Pigments

This video is from LifeColor's own youtube channel and shows you exactly how to use the detail emphasising pigment in Octobers drop. There are some great tips in this video and it demonstrates the art of 'pin washing' perfectly. 

Speckling Your Miniature and Removing Errors

This video is from a series created by Wilder and it shows you how to speckle your model with a liquid pigment to mimic dirty rain or splashes from puddles. It also shows you the art of removing spots you don't like. The music is a bit much though ;)!

Using Your Liquid Pigment Pin Wash Panel Lines

A great video by ScaleModelAlberta on how to use a pigment wash to emphasise detail on a model. The video starts by cleaning up the previous weathering, giving you an idea of how to use your Liquid Pigment Remover, and then demonstrates pin washing.

Dust/ Soot Effects

Creating a Dust Wash to Weather Your Model

Using a Pigment Wash for Speckling

Soot Effects and Dirt Streaking

Creating and Using a Pigment Wash for Dust

Using Dry Pigments To Create A Dust Effect