Asset Drop’s Featured Tutorials – November

Each month, we'll feature supplementary tutorials from various talented painters. These are a collection of videos and articles that will provide extra information on using your paints on top of the techniques covered in our Painting Guide. Some are based on the paint brand itself, and others are technique specific.

Give them a watch to learn more and let us know if there are any other great ones you think we should feature!

Painting With Metallics

Painting with metallics is a huge topic and there are many different ways to achieve a great effect. These videos show you a few of those ways, including the method we covered in our Guide, so you can pick the one you like best.

Painting Silver Metallics Through Layers:

This video is produced by Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy and covers the basics of painting with metallics, including shadowing and highlighting. They use silver as the example, but the technique could just as easily be applied to the brass colours in November's drop. 

True Metallics on an Ultramarine:

What Painting Buddha does with a paintbrush is pure magic, and the interesting metallic method he demonstrates in this video is no exception! Highlighting the wash to create a more contrasted look is a fascinating technique to watch, and is definitely something to try out.

Painting a Chainsword with Metallics:

You can never have too much Painting Buddha so here’s another video of him painting metallics, this time on a weapon. The effect is really nice and there’s definitely a lot to be learned from watching him work.

Painting Brass on a Warhammer Mini:

This tutorial by Miniwargamer Jay focuses on painting Brass and giving it an aged look by using a brown wash, followed by dry brushing.This method used is very different to the one we described in the Painting Guide, and produces a darker, aged look. Whereas our tutorial produced a much brighter, newer looking Brass finish. You can try both with the paints from your drop.

Producing a Steampunk Weathered Metallic Look:

This video highlights a really interesting technique that could be applied to a miniature. You can actually attempt it using the Muddy Green textured paint in your November drop and the two MIG metallics. It will create a grungy, steampunk style metal.

Using the Rubber Tire Set

Painting rubber tires is very simple and doesn’t really need any additional videos to explain how to do it. Instead, these videos cover other ideas for using your Rubber Tire Set, including painting dark armour like we covered in the guide.

Painting and Highlighting Black Armour:

Miniwargaming have produced an absolutely excellent video here that goes through a very similar method to the one we cover in the Painting Guide. It’s great to watch the armour visually take shape and see where they chose to add highlights.

Painting and Highlighting Black Armour 2:

Another excellent video to demonstrate painting black armour and edge highlighting with greys. JudgeGrudge produces a lovely effect which you could recreate using the Rubber Tire set. After watching both these black armour videos, you’ll be ready to give it a go!

Painting Stone Effects on Scenery:

This tutorial is produced by MTGandMORE and is a great method for creating a stone effect. You can produce this with the rubber tire set, but would need to apply a black wash over the Tire Black to remove it’s satin sheen first. The two highlight colours are perfect for dry brushing to produce a stone effect.

Using Textured Paint and Pigments

Using textured paint is fairly simple and very flexible, so there’s only one basic video here covering quick tips. You can then experiment with the use of textured paints, including the idea above for creating steampunk metals, and the base examples featured in November's Painting Guide.

It’s the same for pigments. Check back to October’s hub page for a huge range of videos there on using dry pigments and liquid pigments for weathering. There’s also a couple of extra videos here for you to enjoy.

Quick Tips for Using Textured Paints:

Creating a Dirt Pigment Wash:

Using Dry Pigments To Create A Dust Effect: