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October’s Drop Unboxed

Hey guys! My name is Andy, and I’m Asset Drop’s founder. I’m here today to unbox October’s awesome paint drop, so those of you that didn’t grab the box can see what they’ve been missing 😉

After months of planning and preparation, the first box finally shipped at the end of October. It contained 8 incredible paints from 4 amazing brands which I’ll go through below. Finally, if you like the look of this box, you can buy it on our store, complete with our custom Painting Guide. 

We also make sure that all our boxes are packed with value. October’s box contained over £28 worth of premium miniature paints, all for just £19.90! That's nearly a 30% saving on RRP.

Inside October’s Discovery box

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A Trio of Reaper Master Series Paints

Reaper master series paints flesh trio asset drop box

Reaper Master Series Paints (MSP) are an excellent brand that we shipped in directly from the USA. They’re a bit harder to get hold of for painters here, so we were very excited to include a flesh set from them!

Flesh paints are a great addition to any painter's collection, and we’ve found that Reaper’s flesh colours can produce very natural looking skin tones with little effort. In October’s drop, subscribers found two flesh tones from Reaper’s HD range: Maiden Flesh and Caucasian Flesh. These two colours compliment each other very well to produce a base and highlights.

Subscribers also received a flesh wash from Reaper’s Core Colors line to round out the trio. A flesh wash is a quick and easy way to shadow flesh and bring out more detail. The colour itself is excellent, looking good on both fair and more tanned skin tones, so subscribers will get lots of use of out that one!

The method for painting great flesh was covered in detail in our exclusive Asset Drop Painting Guide, which features in every box.

A Set of Weathering Products From
LifeColor and Wilder

Weathering can often be one of those things you want to try, but never quite take the plunge with buying. That’s what Asset Drop is for! In October’s box we provided a great set of weathering products from two exceptional brands, ideal for trying out some weathering techniques. All of which were also explained in our Painting Guide.

Weathering miniatures wilder pigment asset drop subscription

LifeColor’s Liquid Pigment & Remover

LifeColor is a high quality Italian brand that has an extensive range dedicated to weathering. This month, subscribers were treated to one of their revolutionary Liquid Pigments designed to emphasise detail. It’s perfect for pin washing the panel lines of vehicles, or anything mechanical really, to produce a natural weathered look. The pigment is suspended in a medium so when it dries, the appearance is ‘dirty’, like the effect rainwater would produce.

The Liquid Pigment also came with it’s own Remover, and that's the genius of this product. Other paints need enamel thinners to reactivate, which can be unpleasant to work with. But Lifecolor’s Liquid Pigments just need the handy non-smelling remover. You can use it to neaten up a weathering effect, or produce other looks like streaking grime.

Wilder’s Gunpowder Line Old Grease Pigment

Wilder is a truly exceptional brand from Russia that specialises in weathering products, with a high quality set of dry pigments known as their Gunpowder Line. Wilder was founded by Adam Wilder, the world renowned armour modeller and author of several books on the topic. You can tell straight away the passion and skill that has gone into producing his weathering pigments.

We chose Old Grease because it’s an excellent and versatile colour. It can produce a variety of effects from gunbarrel soot, to engine grease, to dust washes, and dirt staining. Pigments are great fun to use (if you don’t mind getting messy!) and can really bring models to life.

A Pair of Com Art Professional Paints

com art airbrush paints asset drop monthly box

These paints are designed for professional artists by Japanese brand Iwata-Medea, one of the world’s leading airbrush manufacturers. Their paint range, Com-Art, was created to be fast drying, non-fading, highly pigmented and super fine.

They come pre-thinned so can be used straight out of the bottle for airbrushes, but also work great for brush painting too. A little goes a long way with these paints! You only need a tiny amount to cover your miniature in gloriously bright colours.

My team and I were particularly impressed by the Monoazo Orange- it’s the best orange I’ve ever used! And it’s actually a proper orange colour, not some muted orange tone, due to Iwata-Medea's quest for ‘truer, brighter colours’. I can definitely vouch for that.

In terms of use, these paints are perfect for layering. And due to their thinness, they produce a naturally shadowed and highlighted look when they’ve dried on the miniature. They’re actually very different to work with compared to regular acrylic paints. There’s no separation and they don’t leave any brush marks when painting. I’ve found them to be ideal for clothes, fur, and anything else organic.

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