Mid-Month Reveal. Spoiler Alert!

What’s inside October’s subscription boxes?

We know it can be hard to decide whether you want to sign up for a mystery subscription box. After all, what if you don't like the contents?

For those of you that don't want to be surprised, below you can see the exact contents of all the box editions available during October. If you get any of our boxes this month - Discovery, Heroines, Villains or Monsters - these are the exact hobby goodies you will receive 😀

If you'd like to sign up, just head over to our store and add the box to your cart. It will ship on the 30th of October, but make sure to grab it now before we sell out!

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The Discovery Box

Learn how to paint miniatures. Receive a selection of interesting paints and basing items, and practice using them on our exclusive Tutorial Tiles. Follow the step by step instructions in our Discovery Painting Guide.

Asset Drop discovery box oct

October's Discovery Drop Contents:

  1. Privateer Press P3 Formula, Beast Hide, £3.30
  2. Privateer Press P3 Formula, Jack Bone, £3.30
  3. Privateer Press P3 Formula, Menoth White Highlight, £3.30
  4. INSTAR Alpha, Blush Pink, £1.80
  5. INSTAR Alpha, Electric Blue, £1.80
  6. INSTAR Alpha, Extender +, £1.80
  7. Serious Play Scenics, Ritual Tufts, £2.85
  8. Micro Art Studio Tutorial Tiles, Dark Ritual, £3.00
  9. Micro Art Studio Tutorial Tiles, Magic Crystals, £3.00

      October Tutorial Tiles

      The images below are the results you can achieve using the paints in the box, plus some from your own collection, and following our Discovery Painting Guide.
      Image Image

      The Heroines Box

      Receive an incredible female miniature to add diversity to your collection. Use the contents in the box to create a diorama as a way to get out of a painting rut and try something new. Follow the tutorial in our Heroines Painting Guide.

      October is a Villains Takeover! This means our heroine has actually crossed over to the dark side.

      Asset Drop heroines box oct

      October's Heroines Drop Contents:

      1. The Fallen Queen by Ragecraft Miniatures, £23.50
      2. Wooden Lava Base by Warbases, £1.80
      3. Basing Cork by Serious Play, £0.50
      4. Hot Lava Mix basing material by Serious Play, £1.60
      5. Black metallic pigment by Serious Play, £2.50
      6. Lava Rocks by Asset Drop Baseworks, £1.00
      7. Metal Spears by Warlord Games (5), £0.50

          October's Heroine Revealed

          Image Image

          The Fallen Queen miniature actually comes with two head options! One with flowing hair (pictured from behind) and one with a terrifying crown (pictured from the front). She's 50mm from base to head!

          Below you can see the results from the diorama basing tutorial which uses the contents of the box to make a scenic base for our heroine.

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          The Villains Box

          This is a diorama box too, just like the heroines box, but this box features miniatures that would typically be villains. They can be male or female, creatures or human, and often match the theme of the heroines box.

          Asset Drop villains box oct

          October's Villains Drop Contents:

          1. Scout and Dvergar from Ragecraft Miniatures, £18.20
          2. Wooden Stairway base from Warbases, £2.00
          3. Basing Cork by Serious Play, £0.50
          4. Frost Scrub Vegetation by Serious Play, £2.00
          5. White Metallic Pigment by Serious Play, £2.50
          6. Ice Chunks by Serious Play, £1.50
          7. Small rocks by Asset Drop Baseworks, £0.65

              October's Villain Revealed


              Our Orc and his faithful doggo make an excellent pair for this month's frosty diorama! You get both miniatures in the box and they work really well on the scenic base, which mimics the environment of their homeland. Perhaps they are even hunting down our heroine?

              Below you can see the results from the diorama basing tutorial which uses the contents from the box to make a scenic base for them.


              The Monsters Box

              This box features larger miniatures for those of you that would prefer to paint a bigger model! The miniatures are always of the highest quality and we also include items to make an epic diorama for them.

              This box is actually September's edition, but we've extended the sales period throughout October for those of you that missed out last month. (Monsters is a bi-monthly box so there is no October version.)

              Asset Drop monsters box oct

              September's Monsters Drop Contents (available now):

              1. Banner Bearer Minotaur by Zealot Miniatures, £19.50
              2. Wooden terrain base by Warbases, £0.60
              3. Arid Earth Ground Texture by Rival Crafts, £1.75
              4. Temple Basing Kit by Alien Lab Miniatures, £7.99
              5. Ryegrass static grass by Serious Play Scenics, £1.55
              6. Ruddy Leather by Reaper Master Series, £2.80
              7. Blackened Brown by Reaper Master Series, £2.80
              8. Harvest Brown by Reaper Master Series, £2.80

                  Temple Basing Kit


                  September's Monster Revealed


                  We hope you decide to sign up to one of our subscription boxes this month! If you don't want to continue with the box, it's easy to cancel at any time from your account or you can even Skip a month whenever you feel like it.

                  Our boxes are a great way to be creative with a defined project each month, and also make perfect gifts for friends and family too 🙂

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