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Asset Drop a monthly subscription box for miniature painters

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So who is this box for?

1. Wargamers

Painters who want to create monstrous beasts and fantasy creatures, and enjoy having more to paint! Wargamers who want to proxy new monsters into their game, where themes match.

2. Collectors

Collectors who want to add awesome monstrous creatures to their collection, and paint to a high standard for display. People who enjoy having a monthly project to perfect painting techniques on.

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So what is in the box?

1. Monster Mini

1x premium monstrous creature. 28mm scale.

2. Custom Base

A scenic base for your miniature. Size will vary from 50mm - 90mm.

3. Paints & Basing

2-4 Paints to get your started, and bonus basing materials.

What people are saying about Asset Drop

My first boxes are absolutely perfect – I’ve opened the lid of all of them to retrieve the guides and am now hungrily devouring all the information.
To say I am happy would be an understatement 😀
I can’t thank you enough, you have definitely gone beyond my expectations of both service and product!!!
Awesome job.

Mike Betts

I cannot express enough how wonderful an overall experience you will have with this amazing company. The team at Asset Drop…get it. From the beginning, their customer service and attention to our needs is second to none. When you receive your item, I guarantee you will never have one better packaged. The attention to detail shows how much they care about their products…and YOU. Then…when you see what is in that box…WOW!!! The Asset Drop team will find something that will make your jaw drop. It’s just what they do. Trust me…you will just as impressed!

Heinrich Lenz

Have gotten the discovery and heroines box for the last two months, and really like them. The discovery box is amazing for adding a little variety to painting and trying something new. And the models in the heroines box are great for one off paint projects.
All I can say is: Keep the boxes coming

Lasse Høgsholt

Fantastic experience with great variety of product. Have signed for the monster box and standard paint box and have not been disappointed. The booklets are great for explaining specific techniques and the monsters I’ve received have been beautiful models.
Response to queries and the extra step they take is refreshing in this day and age. Can’t wait for my next boxes!

Mark Gould

This is a fantastic service! Customer service is top-notch too! I especially like their dropper bottles: not only do they come with agitators, but tamper-proof (or child-proof) caps! Will happily subscribe for more stuff.

Patrick Crelly

Just received my first ‘Asset Drop’ box in the post today and have got to say this was well worth the wait! I’m very impressed by the selection of paints and pigments plus, the guide included is very comprehensive indeed. Looking forward to next months drop; if this month is anything to go by the next one will be epic too.

Rich Best

Amazing packages with a great selection of products and beautifully presented guide. Over all, very well presented and delivered. And the guys who create and offer this package are also very communicative, responding to posts and messages. Very worthy to expand your creative hobby!

Oh… and sweets!

Markus Reilly

Absolutely love these boxes. Got my first Heroines box last month and I’m very excited for the next one. The quality of the products included is top notch and the tutorial has come in handy on several minis. Plus, their customer service is wicked (thanks Gemma!)

Catherine Evans

I received my first asset drop and I can only praise this loot box. The quality of the packing alone is great. The paints you receive are fantastic and who doesn’t like having more paints? especially those that are hard to get in North America, let alone Canada. The instruction booklet is honestly a great addition as it allows you to get an idea on how the paints can be used.

Marek Witczynski

Monster's Drop Subscriptions


Key Info about this box


This subscription ships Every 2 Months. Once you have a place, it will auto-renew.

You pre-pay for your box and it ships the following month.
The next box is January's. It will be available to buy in December.
Once you've bought one box, it will auto-renew for the next 2 monthly box.

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July's Monsters Drop

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We will be announcing our featured studios as the year goes on.
We will be announcing our first studio for Monsters soon!


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