A box for painters who love monsters and larger miniatures! Ships every 2 months.

Asset Drop a monthly subscription box for miniature painters

So who is this box for?

1. Wargamers

Painters who want to create monstrous beasts and fantasy creatures, and enjoy having more to paint! Wargamers who want to proxy new monsters into their game, where themes match.

2. Collectors

Collectors who want to add awesome monstrous creatures to their collection, and paint to a high standard for display. People who enjoy having a monthly project to perfect painting techniques on.

So what is in the box?

1. Monster Mini

1x premium monstrous creature. 28mm scale.

2. Custom Base

A scenic base for your miniature. Size will vary from 50mm - 90mm.

3. Paints & Basing

2-4 Paints to get your started, and bonus basing materials.

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Monsters Drop Subscription


Key Info about this box

This subscription ships Every Other Month. So, you pay for your box in June and it will ship in July.
Our Monster box is in high demand and due to casting times, we need to take pre-orders. Sign up now to avoid dissappointment!
July's Monsters box will ship around the 20th of July. Subscriptions for that box will close on 20th June, but sooner if we sell out.
After July's Box, your Monster Box subscription will renew on August 10th, and the next box will ship in September

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May's Monsters Drop

Featuring a £30.00 premium Forest Troll from Atlantis Miniatures, a trio of Reaper paints and a host of basing materials from Serious Play & Kromlech.
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July's Monsters Drop

Contains a highly detailed premium miniature with a massive weapon! What more could you want? There will also be paints, a 60mm scenic base and basing bits!
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Studios We Feature

We will be announcing our featured studios as the year goes on.
We will be announcing our first studio for Monsters soon!






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