Welcome to the Monsters Box!
A bi-monthly painting project for people who love monstrous creatures

Asset Drop a monthly subscription box for miniature painters


The Monsters Box is SOLD OUT. This subscription is closing and so there will be no new editions.

Subscription Closed!
This bi-monthly subscription will reopen on 2nd July.



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What is the Monsters Box?

The Monsters Box is for collecting and painting awesome monstrous miniatures. It features high quality, larger miniatures, covering many themes and nightmarish settings.

What's Inside a Drop?

All the items inside a box are designed to work together to complete a mini diorama. Nothing is random and everything is of the highest quality.

  • 1x monster miniature in 28mm scale, usually between 50mm - 100mm tall. --> Collect amazing models.

  • Features creations from larger manufacturers and less well known brands too. --> Discover new studios.

  • 3-4 miniature paints and a step by step painting tutorial. --> Improve your miniature painting skills.

  • 1x scenic base to start building your diorama on. --> Showcase your painted models.

  • Range of resin or scenic basing bits to add to the display. --> Customise your diorama.
1 monster miniature, a scenic base, basing & diorama bits, model paints
Detailed Painting Guide with a step by step tutorial using your box contents
Earn rewards credits & exclusive discounts! Access them in your Subscription Account.
£40+ worth of hobby products for just £31.90 per month!

Celebrating Our Amazing Subscribers

The Monsters Drop is designed to be an awesome bi-monthly project so you can complete a diorama featuring a large monster mini. It's perfect for people who love epic creatures! Check out these subscriber examples below to see what we mean.

asset drop monsters box july

The Iron Orc Box painted by Joseph.

asset drop monsters box sept

The War Boss Box painted by Steven.

asset drop monsters box july

The Armoured Griffin Box painted by Mark D.

asset drop monsters box may

The Naughty or Nice Box painted by Mark S.

Key Info About Your Subscription

Add the Monsters Box to your cart and checkout to become a subscriber.
You're box will ship within 3-5 working days! You'll get the latest monthly edition.
Your subscription will renew on the 1st of every other month. 3 month boxes will renew after 6 months.
You can cancel your subscription, or skip your next drop, at any time.

Some Of Our Most Popular Drops:

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asset drop monsters drop september

"The Armoured Griffin Box"

Unboxing Article
asset drop monsters drop may

"The Decaying Demon Box"

Unboxing Article
asset drop monsters drop july

"The Kill Brute Box"

Unboxing Article

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