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September’s Monster Box

For this month's Monster Box we featured some amazing products! Starting with our monstrous miniature - The Warlord - by 3D Art Digital, an exceptional miniature producer from the Ukraine. They create the most detailed, stunning miniatures I've ever seen! The quality of the model we featured is mind blowing, and their 1:11 scale range is no different. I'd highly recommend checking them out!

Continuing on the theme of epic resin, we included the giant rock base by Serious Play, their debut into the world of resin casting. This 60mm base was the perfect podium for our imposing Warlord miniature to be displayed on. To finish off the base, we included some foliage and tufts from Serious Play too.

For the paints, we had a trio of fantastic Orc Flesh colours by Coat d'Arms and an exclusive Camo Wash by INSTAR which was custom made for the September Monster Box only! In the free tutorial for the box, we explained how to use these 4 paints to paint up Orc flesh.

September's Monster Box was also excellent value for money, containing £40.61 worth of high quality miniatures and paints, for just £31.90! That's a saving of 22% on RRP.

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Inside September’s Monster Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing september monsters box

September Drop Contents:

  • The Orc Warlord miniature by 3d Art Digital, £19.24
  • Serious Play Gritstone Base, £8.99
  • Serious Play Autumn 4mm Mini Tufts, £1.99
  • Serious Play Old Green Leafy Scrub, £1.99
  • Coat d'Arms, Tank Drab, £2.30
  • Coat d'Arms, Khaki, £2.30
  • Coat d'Arms, Putrid Green, £2.30
  • INSTAR Paint, Camo Wash, £1.50 (exclusive product)

September Free Painting Tutorial:
Inside every Monsters Box, we always include a painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For September's tutorial we go through in detail how to use the trio of Coat d'Arms paints and INSTAR camo wash to paint realistic orc flesh on The Warlord.

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3D Art Digital: The Warlord

3d Art Digital the warlord asset drop monsters box
The Orc Warlord miniature by 3d Art Digital

3D Art Digital is a company founded on a passion for high quality minaitures. They started in March 2017 and soon had a successful Kickstarter under their belt, showcasing their ability to cast highly detailed Orc and Goblin figures, full of personality. You should definitely check out their impressive 1:11 scale models! I have the Orc Raider and he’s incredible!  In February 2018 they took their standard 28mm range and redesigned them to be in Heroic Scale, enabling The Warlord to tower above his opponents on the battlefield and yet remain in a scale that can be proxied into many wargames.

Boris, who runs 3D Art Digital from the Ukraine, has expressed that the company’s goal is to become the best miniature makers in this market. They are dedicated to listening to their customers, and always being open to their wishes. In fact, that’s where the Heroic scale redesign idea came from! 3D Art Digital have a constant desireto learn and improve (despite already being amazing, in my opinion!) and make their customers happy. I think this comes across in their design (such as including magnet holes and magnets, woo) and in the careful way they pack and present their models. If you haven’t opened your box yet, you’re in for a treat 🙂

So what does the future hold? Well, I’ve found out it holds some very exciting things! This is definitely a company to keep your eye on. Their 28mm range of Orcs and Goblins are going to be incorporated into a miniatures board game, and they are going to create a new line of busts and 75mm miniatures next year!

3d digital art ord warlord

The highly detailed, incredibly cast 28mm Orc Warlord miniature by 3D Art Digital, complete with two different weapons and three different heads. They even provide magnet holes and magnets so you can swap parts with little effort!

A Complete Set of Orc Flesh Paints

coat d'arms instar orc flesh paints asset drop monsters
A trio of Orc Flesh paints by Coat d'Arms and an exclusive camo green wash by INSTAR

In every Monsters Box, we always include a trio of paints for painting part of your miniature. For this drop we went with some fantastic green paints by Coat d'Arms which create a very realistic orc flesh. It was important for us that we didn't go with a bright green as we wanted to portray the fierceness of The Warlord, so these brown-hued green paints were ideal!

We paired those with an exclusive camo wash created by INSTAR. We sent over specifications for the exact colour we needed to match the Coat d'Arms paints and our friends over at INSTAR cooked us up the perfect wash, made just for this Monsters Drop! The wash is the final step in painting the orc flesh, being added over the top after your final highlight to bring all the colours together.

Epic Stone Base and Basing Materials

serious play resin stone base asset drop
A giant 60mm Stone Base by Serious Play to display The Warlord miniature

For their debut into the resin casting world, Serious Play created an incredible rocky podium style base which was perfect for our Warlord miniature. This base is spectacular: not only is it huge! It's 60mm on the bottom; it is also highly detailed with an incredible amount of realistic texturing. It's a true beauty to behold and to paint and we knew we just had to feature it in the Monsters Box this month.

To bring the base together, we also featured some scrub and tufts from Serious Play's extensive basing range. No base is complete without some foliage and landscape design, and we found the rough scrub and little grass tufts fitted in between the rocks and in the gaps perfectly to provide a highly realistic look.

asset drop September monster box serious play

A pair of landscape basing products to really bring the mighty rock podium base to life!

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