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November’s Monster Box

November's Monsters Box featured an absolutely epic miniature from the impressive Titan Forge; The Behemoth! This brute is aptly named too, with his decaying wings spanning more than 120mm, he's an imposing miniature on the tabletop. He's also amazing value, coming with three different head options to suit all tastes!

Inside the box was a 60mm Daemonic Wastelands base also sculpted by Titan Forge, which was the perfect accompaniment for our hellish beast.

Building on his decaying and battered look, we chose to feature a set of paints in the box for painting rust. A stunning metallic from Darkstar to base his armour in, two brown-orange paints from INSTAR to create the base for the rust, and finally a stunning orange rust pigment from Kromlech to complete the effect! We also featured a tutorial in the Monsters Box handout teaching you how to use those paints for an easy rust effect.

Finally, every base can benefit from a few extra details, so we included a set of human skulls from Serious Play to add some finished extra touches!

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Inside November’s Monsters Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing november monsters box

November Drop Contents:

  • The Behemoth of Decay miniature by Titan Forge, £32.00
  • 60mm Daemonic Wastelands Base (included in the box)
  • Darkstar Molten Metals, Old Silver, £3.50
  • INSTAR paint, Fur Brown, £1.50
  • INSTAR paint, Dirt Brown, £1.50
  • Kromlech Weathering Pigment, Rust Orange, £2.85
  • Weathering Sponge, £0.50
  • Serious Play, 28mm Human Skulls, £1.60

November Free Painting Tutorial:
Inside every Monsters Box, we always include a painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For November's box we go through how to create an easy and eye-catching rust effect using the provided paints.

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The Behemoth of Decay Miniature

the behemoth of decay titan forge asset drop monsters box
The Behemoth of Decay by Titan Forge Miniatures
the behemoth of decay titan forge asset drop monsters box

Titan Forge is a miniatures casting company from Poland founded by Romek- an accomplished wargamer, and Sławek- a talented artist, back in 2008. The company has progressed a long way from physically sculpting the miniatures at the start to 3D designing and printing them today!

Titan Forge is committed to interacting with their community too and can be seen attending many live events around Europe. They’re very proud that their miniatures are used on the wargaming tables of major
competitive tournaments. When they’re not at events, Romek and Sławek are busy expanding their collection of miniatures with new designs, and shipping them out to hobbyists all over the world. Titan Forge’s uniqueness is in creating entire themed armies with lots of models to customise, rather than one-off pieces. Some of the most notable ones are mechanical dwarves, ogre pirates, undead orcs and zombies, and a sci-fi space force.

Recently the variety was extended even further with the Dragon Empire, a complete set inspired by Eastern mythology, full of dragons, ninjas, geisha and much more! Titan Forge are also now publishing board games heavily focused on high quality miniatures. Their biggest project to date is Lobotomy, a cooperative survival horror board game about escaping a mental hospital! The box is packed with a wide range of monsters from the patients’ nightmares. If you want to know more, Titan Forge would love you to stay up to date with their new releases by following them on Facebook.

Check out the pictures below of subscribers who have painted up November's monster!

behemoth of decay titan forge

The Behemoth painted by our subscriber Mark of the UK

A Complete Set of Rust Effect Paints

rust paints asset drop monsters darkstar instar kromlech
A trio of Orc Flesh paints by Coat d'Arms and an exclusive camo green wash by INSTAR

In every Monsters Box, we always include some paints to help you get started when painting your monster. Having done green orc flesh in the September box (paints that could also be used this month to paint the Behemoth's decaying skin), we decided to go with a rust effect for his ancient and battered armour. Rust is also a technique that is great to have a go to set for, and these paints work together nice and easily for a quickly executed technique. Check out the example armour piece painted in our tutorial below. 

rust effect miniatures armour asset drop subscription
Example of the simple rust effect you can create using the Monsters Box paints

Human Skulls from Serious Play

serious play human skulls asset drop
The weathering sponge and human skulls also in the November Monsters Box

Finally, inside the Monsters Box in November subscribers also found a bonus weathering sponge for carrying out the rust tutorial, and a small set of 28mm human skulls for adding to the Daemonic Wastelands base. These skulls are ideal to slot between the spikes or pile up in the corner to make the Daemonic base a little more grizzly!

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