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May’s Monster Box

May's Monsters Box contains an incredible Warlord Kong miniature by ScaleBro Miniatures based in Russia. The detail on this model is outstanding and we were very excited to feature him! To display this model we commissioned a custom scenic base by Serious Play imagining Kong to be swinging through his territory and have stumbled upon an adventurer's camp! Warlord Kong already comes with an awesome mystic stone base that Serious Play designed to fit perfectly into the larger Mystic Ruins base to produce a diorama!

To fill this diorama, we also included a bag of sand to add to the base and some stunning resin basing bits from Zealot Miniatures: a camp fire and two sets of adventurer's equipment. To get started painting your miniature, we featured a trio of Green Stuff Word metallic paints, which is a new line of paints from the popular company. We went with a unique trio to paint bronze armour and included a free tutorial on this on our Monsters Painting Guide.

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Inside May’s Monsters Drop

Asset Drop may monsters box

May's Box contains:

  • Warlord Kong miniature by ScaleBro Miniatures, £25
  • Custom Mystic Ruins base by Serious Play, £6.00
  • Sand basing material by Serious Play, £0.50
  • Green Stuff World, Dark Bronze, £2.85
  • Green Stuff World, Gladius Bronze, £2.85
  • Green Stuff World, Tinmetal Grey, £2.85
  • Campfire by Zealot Miniatures, £2.50
  • Adventurer's Equipment by Zealot Miniatures, £2.40

May Free Painting Tutorial:
Inside every Monsters Box, we always include a painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For May's monsters box, we featured a tutorial painting Kong's bronze armour using the true metallic metals in the box.

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Warlord Kong Miniature

warlord kong scalebro minis asset drop monsters box
Warlord Kong by ScaleBro Miniatures

Warlord Kong is an amazing miniature from ScaleBro's Ancient Warriors line. We loved his pose, detailed armour and intimidating expression, and we every excited to build a diorama around him!

warlord kong scalebro miniatures

Mystic Ruins base by Serious Play

mystic ruins base serious play asset drop monsters
Mystic Ruins base and sand by Serious Play

This 80mm oval scenic base is an ideal diorama piece which fits Kong perfectly into the centre. His 40mm base slots into the circle there so that he looks like he's swinging through the ancient ruins on his territory and we've matched the landscape to the base he comes with. Adding the sand gives the scene a realistic look.

Zealot Miniatures Basing Bits

zealot miniatures resin asset drop
Campfire and Adventurer's Equipment by Zealot Miniatures

To set the scene for our diorama, we included a set of basing bits from zealot to create an adventurer's camp. Imagine some adventure's exploring these strange mystic ruins, setting up camp and then heading off the find food. Meanwhile the resident of the ruins,. Kong smells their presence and goes looking for the intruders, discovering their camp and deciding to wait for them there. Eek!

Trio of TMMs by Green Stuff World

green stuff world metals asset drop
Dark Bronze, Gladius Bronze and Tinmetal Grey from Green Stuff World

Finally, we picked a stunning trio from Green Stuff World's new metallic range to paint Kong's bronze armour, and covered this in our free Monsters Painting Guide to get subscribers started with painting.

kerub the armoured griffin cadwallon miniatures signum asset drop

Metallic bronze armour by Marc
for May's Monsters Box tutorial

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