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March’s Monster Box

March's Monsters box featured a stunning miniature from myths and legends - Kerub the Armoured Griffin by Cadwallon Miniatures. In order to best show off this beautiful miniature, we wanted to allow subscribers to create their own landscape, so we went with a DIY basing themed box.

A large terrain base from Warbases gave us the space to play around with, and some high quality cork from Serious Play gave us the option to alter the height of the diorama. We felt that Kerub would look brilliant landing on a hill, and the cork would allow subscribers to create one to their own liking. To cover the base, we provided a Landscape Texture from Serious Play and a set of bright yellow and orange Autumn Tufts from them too.

To add some impressive features to the landscape and give it a mystical feeling, we included a stunning pair of large resin statues from Alien Lab Creator - The Celtic Kings. For painting Kerub, we stuck with his colour scheme of yellow/beige fur, just like that of a lion and went with the perfect trio from Reaper's Core Colours range. The tutorial in the Monsters Box this month went through step by step how to paint a realistic fur effect!

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Inside March’s Monsters Drop

Asset Drop march monsters box

March Drop Contents:

  • Kerub, the Armoured Griffin, by Cadwallon Miniatures, £16.00
  • Celtic Kings Ruins, Resin Scenery by Alien Lab Creator, £7.50
  • High-quality Cork Board, 10cm x 8cm, x2, £3.20
  • 155mm x 85mm, Terrain Base by Warbases, £1.10
  • Autumn Flower Tufts by Serious Play, £2.10
  • Burgundy Autumn Roots Landscape Texture by Serious Play, £2.55
  • Reaper Core Colors, Chestnut Gold, £2.65
  • Reaper Core Colors, Palomino Gold, £2.65
  • Reaper Core Colors, Buckskin Pale, £2.65

March Free Painting Tutorial:
Inside every Monsters Box, we always include a painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For March's monsters box, we featured a tutorial painting griffin fur using the Reaper beige/yellow paints, plus tips on using the basing materials!

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Kerub the Armoured Griffin

kerub griffin cadwallon miniatures asset drop monsters box
Kerub the Armoured Griffin by Cadwallon miniatures

Kerub comes from the Holy Grypharim Empire in the Signum universe, designed by Cadwallon Miniatures. They have a vast array of miniatures and factions to support this world. Below is a story snippet from their website about Kerub and the griffins.

"Legionaries cover the bodies of young griffins with the most robust armour there is, so that in battle they are even more deadly to their enemies and invincible for their arrows and lances. Kerub is a young leader of the Wing of Battle griffins, and he is armoured from claws to beak. When he takes a nosedive at his enemies, the sound of his wings reminds them of hurricane blasts. His steel-like claws tear the flesh of his foes apart. Kerub is still young, but in the future he will select a rider — the person who will be able to harness him, so that they can race against the wind together. Cassandra predicts that the rider will be a great warrior of the Grypharim Empire. The one who will one day give rise to a new dynasty."

Check out this finished Kerub griffin painted by one of our fantastic subscribers!

kerub griffin cadwallon asset drop grypharium asset drop monsters signum

Kerub by our subscriber Rachel from the UK

The Celtic Kings Statues by Alien Lab Creator

celtic kings statues alien lab asset drop monsters
Two Celtic Kings Statues by Alien Lab Creator

These Celtic Kings Statues from Alien Lab Creator are incredibly detailed, beautiful pieces of resin. We felt they added a 'mystical' feeling of vast races gone by to the newly formed Grypharium Empire. A great backdrop for our young warrior, Kerub. Subscribers could use one or both statues to add to their scenic diorama and have the flexibility to paint them in whatever material they like - rock, sandstone, metal, marble etc.

Landscape Materials by Serious Play
& Warbases Terrain Base

serious play basing asset drop
Autumn Flower Tufts and Burgundy Autumn Roots Landscape Texture by Serious Play, Full RRP £4.65

So now we get to the real basing section! We went all out for this box with a terrain base to design the diorama on, cork to build up height and variation to the landscape, and various natural decorations.

The Burgundy Roots Landscape Texture is an attractive reddy/ green themed bag, including flock, static grass, cork, lichen, clumps and more to give a really varied set of options for the landscaped design. Generally to use these Landscape Textures (there are lots on the Serious Play website), it's best to pour the whole bag out onto a large plate so you can see all the amazing materials you have to play with! We the picked the bright orange and yellow tufts to completely the autumn colours of the landscape texture. We went with the autumn colour palette to allow Cerub to really stand out and contrast against it in his bright blue armour!

warbases cork asset drop
Basing cork by Serious Play and a scenic terrain base by Warbases, Full RRP £3.30

Trio of Fur Paints by Reaper

reaper paints core colours basing asset drop
Palomino Gold, Buckskin Pale and Chestnut Gold from Reaper Core Colours, Full RRP £4.65

Finally, we picked these excellent 'lion-coloured' paints from Reaper to produce the Griffin fur effect. This tutorial was covered by our resident painter Marc, who provided tutorials for all our boxes every month. Fur is a challenging technique to get right, and we were overjoyed at the result Marc managed to achieve! By following the tutorial step by step, all our Monsters Box subscribers will be able to recreate this technique exactly.

kerub the armoured griffin cadwallon miniatures signum asset drop
Griffin fur effect painted by Marc
for March's Monsters Box tutorial

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