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July’s Monster Box

July's Monsters Box is a Hell and Bones theme, featuring a truly grotesque miniature from Rotten Factory. The Humulkas is incredibly detailed, with everything you want in monster from extra arms and mouths, to bony growths and tentacles!

We paired this fearsome creature with a large scenic base from Alien Lab Miniatures - an incredible 100mm Hell Base, and two awesome Skull Crates from Toad King Castings to decorate. The scene we're imagining is your Humalkas is a creature in the depths of hell that people are sent to for punishment! He likes to collect the skulls of his victims and store them in macabre crates, in case the hellish setting wasn't frightening enough.

Finally, we had a trio of paints from the amazing MR.PAINT based in Slovakia. His paints are high quality and come in great little bottles. We chose a trio of creams for painting bone effects.

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Inside July’s Monsters Drop

Asset Drop july monsters box

July's Box contains:

  • The Humalkas by Rotten Factory, £18.50
  • 100mm Hell Base by Alien Lab Miniatures, £9.00
  • 2x Skull Crates by Toad King Castings, £4.00
  • MR.PAINT Acrylics, Brown-Grey, £2.50
  • MR.PAINT Acrylics, Dust Grey, £2.50
  • MR.PAINT Acrylics, Bone White, £2.50

July's Painting Tutorial:
Inside every Monsters Box, we always include a painting tutorial designed around the miniature that month. For July's monsters box, we featured a tutorial painting the bony growths on the hideous Humalkas mini!

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The Humalkas from Rotten factory

rotten factory humalkas asset drop monsters box

The Humuklas miniature is full of so many amazing details, we thought we'd included the retail photos below for you to really appreciate how awesome he is!

humuklas rotten factory humalkas rotten factory

100mm Hell Base from Alien Lab Miniatures

alien lab miniatures hell base asset drop monsters

Skull Crates from Toad King Castings

skull crates toad king castings asset drop

MR.PAINT Bone Trio

mr.paint bone paints asset drop

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