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January’s Monster Box

We started off January with a roar by including the dynamically posed Dragon Kin miniature from Mierce Miniatures in this month's Monsters Box. Gwyddol, Dragon of Gwaelod, is part of The Darklands range of miniatures and is a beautifully detailed and monstrous sculpt. To show him off, we picked the 60mm Chaos base by Micro Art Studio - a burnt wasteland that looks like it could have been ravaged by dragon fire.

To add to the base, we included two different basing bits. A pair of fun smoke miniatures by Tabletop Art, ideal for placing inside the skull pits to show that the earth is still billowing with heat, and a set of 100 Scorched Grass tufts from War World Gaming. These tufts are fairly flat, making them easy to mould around other terrain on your base for a realistic and integrated patch of grass. We also picked scorched grass to support the dragon/ lava theme.

Finally, our paint of the month for January was the excellent ScaleColor paints by Scale75. Their paints are of the highest quality and we picked colours ideal for painting a leather effect, which we covered in our free tutorial.

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Inside January’s Monsters Drop

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January Drop Contents:

  • Gwyddol, Dragon of Gwaelod from Mierce Miniatures, £24.99
  • Micro Art Studio ,60mm Chaos Waste Base, £4.35
  • ScaleColor paint, Black Leather, £2.65
  • ScaleColor paint, Red Leather, £2.65
  • ScaleColor paint, Orange Leather, £2.65
  • Tabletop Art, Clouds of Smoke miniatures, £1.02
  • War World Gaming, 100x Scorched Grass 2mm Tufts, £4.99

January Free Painting Tutorial:
Inside every Monsters Box, we always include a painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For January's box we go through how to paint a damaged and worn leather effect using the ScaleColor trio in the box.

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The Dragon Kin of the Darklands

mierce miniatures asset drop monsters box
Gwyddol, Dragon of Gwaelod, from The Darklands Miniatures Game

We love the range of monstrous creatures offered by Mierce Miniatures, which hail from various different factions and tribes in the alternative history of European Dark Ages. Gwyddol is from The Darklands Game and is one of the Gwaelod dragon clan. He is part-human and part-dragon, an ancient race of beasts able to breathe fire and suffer wounds no mere man could survive. The dragon-kin are noble and prefer to live in peace, but will not hesitate to rain blue fire and destruction down upon anyone who tries to invade their ancestral lands! We picked this model specifically because of his dynamic pose, mid-strike, which makes for a great tabletop showpiece.

Gwyddol, Dragon of Gwaelod asset drop monsters box

Gwyddol, Dragon of Gwaelod, studio colour scheme example

Chaos Base and Wastelands Basing Bits

chaos base micro art studio asset drop monsters darkstar instar kromlech
The 60mm Chaos Base from Micro Art Studio

Above you can see the stunning Chaos base from Micro Art Studio, which was the perfect scenic base to display our Dragon Kin miniature. The cracks can be painted with glowing fire, standing out starkly against the blackened wasteland of the cracked earth. To add to this diorama effect, we included two smoke plumes from Tabletop Art. They are from a larger pack of smoke miniatures, which are definitely worth checking out on their store. We absolutely love them! Finally, the scorched tufts could be used to really finish off the base and add a little extra detail and realism to the desolate and burned landscape.

war world gaming asset drop subscription
War World Gaming tufts and Smoke Plume effects from Tabletop Art for the base

A Trio of Leather Paints

scalecolor leather paints asset drop
A set of leather colours from ScaleColor, ideal for painting Gwyddol's armour

Finally, in all our Monsters Boxes we include paints to get you started in part of your monster miniature. These paints are always accompanied by a tutorial, which goes through how to use them on the model in the box. In this case we use the stunning leather colours: Black Leather, Red Leather and Orange Leather to create a worn and battered leather effect, showing you how to mix in blacks and whites from your own collection to add even more contrast and pop.

Check out the example below from the Monsters Box tutorial, painted by our resident painter Marc Shucksmith-Wesley!

leather effect miniatures asset drop monsters box
Finished leather effect from January's Monster Box tutorial, using the trio of ScaleColor paints, painting by Marc Shucksmith-Wesley.

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