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September’s Monster Box

September's Monster Box was an impressive one, featuring a ferocious and absolutely massive miniature from Artel W Miniatures in Russia! Artel W produce collectable resin miniatures in high detail resin and packaged in stunning boxes with a wax seal and a collectable card. The model we chose for our Monsters Box was the Iron Boss, a massive orc miniature worth over $40 and made from 17 different pieces!

We wanted to do something a little different with September's Monsters Box and so we focused on how to build a diorama to display the
Iron Boss, instead of including a standard painting tutorial. The Monsters Painting Guide took subscribers through how to design an Orc battlefield using the contents of the box.

A large wooden base from Warbases was included as the platform, with a custom basing scatter from our new Baseworks line. Baseworks is a custom range of basing materials designed in collaboration with Serious Play to support our subscription boxes. For the Iron Boss, we created a Battlezone Scatter perfect for our Orc battlefield. Inside the box, we also featured an Armour Tread Plate from Kromlech, and an exclusive large Orc Bomb from Serious Play.

Using these materials, subscribers could create a display fit for the mighty Iron Boss! We definitely recommend checking out Artel W
Miniatures as they have a range of stunning models available.

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Inside September’s Monsters Drop

Asset Drop september monsters box

September's Box contains:

  • The Iron Boss by Artel “W” Miniatures, £35.00
  • HDF 120mm Wooden Terrain Base by Warbases, £0.80
  • Sheet of high quality basing cork by Serious Play, £1.80
  • Battlezone Basing Mix from the new Asset Drop Baseworks line, £2.45
  • Exclusive Large Ork Bomb by Serious Play, £2.00
  • Double Tread Plate by Kromlech, £1.85

September's Painting Tutorial:
Inside every Monsters Box, we always include a painting tutorial designed around the miniature that month. For September's monsters box, we featured a tutorial on how to build a battlefield diorama using the cork, tread plate, texture and bomb included in the box.

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The Iron Boss by Artel W Miniatures

iron boss artel w asset drop monsters box

These diroamas were completed by our subscribers using the materials in September's Monsters Box, and following the Painting Guide.
We also love the additional smoke and fence Paul added to give more detail to the scene, and Joseph's colour scheme for the Iron Boss is outstanding. Fantastic!

atrel w asset drop

Painted by our subscriber Paul, UK

atrel w asset drop

Painted by our subscriber Joseph, UK

Tread Plate and Orc Bomb

tread plate kromlech orc bomb

Battlezone Basing Texture – Baseworks

battlezone basing texture baseworks asset drop

Wooden Terrain Base and Basing Cork

wooden terrain base and cork monsters box

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