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March’s Monster Box

March's Monsters Box is all about BIG! The monster we featured was the Giant 'miniature' by Mantic Games, from their game Kings of War. Made of plastic and standing at a whopping 190mm tall, he really did embody every sense of the word giant!

To create a diorama around him, we wanted to emphasise his size so we included some resin scenery from Spellcrow. We picked the Ruined Inn and Old Privy for that medieval feel and the sense that many of the villages in his territorry have been destoryed by him in the past.

To build up this vailage landscape we had a wooden terrain base from Warbases with a set of old floorboards etched on to be the floor of the Ruined Inn. Then a Summer Rubble landscape scatter from Warlord Games competed the kit, to be spread around the base to give the village an overgrow feeling.

Finally, on the paints side of things, we features a trio of cool greys from WarColours. These paints are ideal for layering and are great for painting any grey effects, such as stone or clothing, but also work really well for fur too. In the Monsters Painting Guide we went through a very simple tutorial on how to paint the giants grey fur cloak, which can now be downloaded on our Patreon channel.

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Inside March’s Monsters Drop

Asset Drop march monsters box

March's Box contains:

  • The 190mm Giant 'miniature' from Kings of War by Mantic Games, £25.00
  • Ruined Inn scenery by Spellcrow, £3.95
  • Old Privy scenery by Spellcrow, £5.50
  • Large wooden terrian base by Warbases, £0.80
  • Summer Rubble landscape texture by Warlord Games, £4.00
  • WarColours Layers, Cool Grey 1, £2.00
  • WarColours Layers, Cool Grey 3, £2.00
  • WarColours Layers, Cool Grey 5, £2.00

March's Painting Tutorial:
Inside every Monsters Box, we always include a painting tutorial designed around the miniature that month. For March we looked at how to use the WarColours grey trio to paint a grey fur affect, like that of a wolf pelt.

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The Giant by Mantic Games

mantic games asset drop monsters box
Subscriber Finished Dioramas
mantic games giant asset drop monsters

Completed by our subscriber @stevenewman84

mantic games giant asset drop monsters

Completed by our subscriber @lawnorprime

omantic games giant asset drop monsters

Completed by our subscriber @ciaran3303

Resin Terrain From Spellcrow

spellcrow asset drop monsters

Landscape Scatter by Warlord Games

asset drop monsters box warlord games

Wooden base by Warbases

asset drop monsters box warbases

WarColours Paints

warcolours grey monsters box asset drop

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