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July’s Monsters Box

July's Monsters Box took us back in time to an alternative version of Venice with the Black Spectre miniature from Carnivale! This terrifying phantom has possessed a masked citizen and is now terrorising the floating city.

To really bring the scene to life, we went all out on an exclusive MDF Clock Tower terrain piece designed by Warbases. This incredible building is three stories high with a traditional clock face and a balcony on top. It's where we imagined our Spectre miniature could stand, overlooking the city he now controls.

To develop the diorama further, we included a variety of basing items in July's Monsters Box. A resin well by TTCombat to sit on the ground floor as a centre point, since Venice is well known for its well systems. A set of resin Gargoyles by MiniMonsters to adorn the top of the tower for some added flare! And an exclusive pack of Creeping Vine tufts from our own Baseworks range that can wind along the building to give it a feeling of age in the landscape.

Finally, we also included a paint from INSTAR's Spectrum range - a purple colourshift to use when painting the Black Spectre. His colour scheme is built on purples and blacks and so this paint was a fun piece to complement the rest of the diorama contents in the box.  Our tutorial for this box focused on how to paint the Clock Tower using a realistic marble effect.

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Inside July’s Monsters Drop

Asset Drop july monsters box

July's Box contains:

1. Black Spectre Miniature from Carnivale by TT Combat, £18.00
2. Exclusive Clock Tower scenery designed by Warbases, £9.95
3. Small Gargoyle Set (4) by MiniMonsters, £5.70
4. Venetian Well from Carnivale by TT Combat, £2.60
5. Creeping Vines from the Asset Drop Baseworks range, £4.99
6. Purple Shift paint from INSTAR’s Spectrum line, £2.20

July's Painting Tutorial:
Inside every Monsters Box, we always include a painting tutorial to get you started with your box. This month we focused on how to paint a realistic marble effect for our Clock Tower to mimic the real St Mark's Tower in Venice.

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Subscriber Completed Dioramas

asset drop monsters may

This diorama is completed by our subscriber @finsminis

asset drop monsters july

Another perspective of the diorama by @finsminis

asset drop monsters july

This diorama was completed by our subscriber @imbad_atpainting

asset drop monsters july

A closer look at the diorama by @imbad_atpainting

asset drop monsters july

This diorama was completed by our subscriber @kreuzer_eisenstein

asset drop monsters july

This diorama was completed by our subscriber @team_a.d.b

asset drop monsters july

The Black Spectre painted by our subscriber @learningbymuddling

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