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Add more epic female miniatures to your collection, ready for battle.

Asset Drop a monthly subscription box for miniature painters

COVID-19 UPDATE: Subscriptions are still open as normal, but shipping is slightly different. You can learn more here.
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What is the Heroines Box?

Great Paints: Heroines is the perfect monthly box for anyone looking to expand their skills by painting a huge variety of high quality miniatures, and build an epic collection of the most badass female miniatures out there! Each Heroines box is designed as it's own mini kit, to create a scenic diorama with your new Heroine at the heart of it!

What's Inside a Drop?

- The contents of each Heroines Drop are carefully thought out and are designed to work together like a kit. Use your heroine, base and paints to build an awesome mini-diorama!

- Each box includes a detailed Painting Tutorial for free, using the contents of the box to get your started. These glossy booklets are ideal to collect!

- A hobby budget is a finite resource, and we want to make sure yours is well spent with us. That's why the Heroines drop will always include at least £27.00 worth of RRP value!

- Finally, this is a subscription and will renew each month so you don't miss out. You can cancel anytime from your account with no fuss at all. Find out more about how our subscriptions work here.

1-2 female miniatures. 3 miniature paints. 1x scenic base & basing bits
Detailed Painting Guide with a step by step tutorial using your box contents
Earn rewards credits & exclusive discounts! Access them in your Subscription Account.
£26.50+ worth of hobby products for just £21.90 per month!
Did you know, you can subscribe to two of our monthly boxes and save money?
Shipping is less per box and you save some pennies on the monthly renewal price too! We recommend getting our Heroines and Discovery Combo subscription:
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Find out about the Discovery Box here.

Subscriber Painted Miniatures!

The Heroines Drop is designed to be a mini project so you can complete a diorama featuring your heroine each month. It's a great way to keep developing your painting skills and creativity. Check out these subscriber examples below to see what we mean 🙂

asset drop heroines subscription box miniature painters

The Bounty Hunter Box painted by Peter

asset drop heroines subscription box miniature painters

The Savvy Survivor Box painted by Ozsie

asset drop heroines subscription box miniature painters

The Fiery Sorceress Box painted by Miljan

asset drop heroines subscription box miniature painters

The Pirate Queen Box painted by Charlotte.

asset drop heroines subscription box miniature painters

The Floating City Box painted by Erik (with added mini).

asset drop heroines subscription box miniature painters

The Sea Goddess Box painted by Eddie

Key Info About Your Subscription

Add the Heroines Box to your cart and checkout to become a subscriber.
You're box will ship within 3 working days! You'll get the latest monthly edition.
Your subscription will renew on the 1st of the month. 3 month boxes will renew after 3 months.
You can cancel your subscription, or skip your next drop, at any time.

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