Subscriptions for March’s box close in:

Asset Drop a monthly subscription box for miniature painters

So who is this box for?

1. Painters

Painters who want to enjoy painting a range of sci-fi and fantasy female miniatures that could be proxied into a wargame where size is applicable.

2. Collectors

Collectors who are happy to paint stand-out figures for display purposes, to practice miniature painting techniques, or entry into competitions.

So what is in the box?

1. Female Minis

1-2 badass female miniatures. 28-35mm scale.

2. Custom Base

A scenic base for each miniature. Size will vary.

3. Paints

3-4 paints from one of our brand partners

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Would you like to subscribe to both our monthly boxes?

Get Discovery and Heroines boxes together each month for £41.80 and you'll get 21% off in our store!

The paints will never be duplicated between the two boxes.

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Key Info about your subscription

Your subscription will renew on the 7th of the month
Postage and packaging is calculated at checkout
The box will ship on the 27th of the month and you’ll be notified via email
5% of our box profits go to The Blue Marine Foundation

Studios We Feature

We will be announcing our featured studios as the year goes on.
Our second month is partnered with the fantastic Acolyte Miniatures!




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