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September’s Heroines Drop Unboxed

September's Heroines Box was a real showstopper, our Goddess of the Sea box, featuring an absolutely stunning miniature from Darksword Miniatures - Marike, Guardian of the Sea. This beautiful miniature was enough to impress on it's own (see the pictures below!), but we decided to take the box one step further and commission the production of our own line of basing materials to support the diorama. This new line of materials is called Baseworks and is created in collaboration with Serious Play to support our subscription boxes.

We wanted to really show off the incredible Marike miniature, and so we provided a wooden base from Warbases to allow subscribers to build Marike's ocean floor home themselves. We designed an Ocean Floor basing scatter and a pack of Coastal Lichen, both in shades of white and pink to contrast with our heroine. A pack of White Stones from Serious Play rounded out the ocean floor effect. As you can see in the photos below, many of our talented subscribers were inspired to take their diorama one step further and sculpt large rock formations to add to their wooden base!

Finally, to complete the Heroines box, we included a trio of lovely turquoise paints by The Army Painter and a tutorial to paint Octopus Tentacles! The turquoise colours form the ideal trio and our tutorial explains how to paint freehand designs on the tentacles for a realistic look. If you'd like to learn how to do this too, using your own trio of turquoise paints, you can download September's Heroines Guide on our Patreon channel. For $4 per month we upload at least 5 detailed Painting Guides.

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Inside September’s Heroines Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing heroines september

September Drop Contents:

  • Marike, Guardian of the Sea, Darksword Miniatures, £18.00
  • Warbases custom base, £0.50
  • Baseworks Ocean Floor Landscape Texture, £2.20
  • Baseworks Coastal Lichen, £1.70
  • Serious Play White Stones, £1.60
  • Army Painter Warpaint, Royal Cloak, £2.20
  • Army Painter Warpaint, Toxic Mist, £2.20
  • Army Painter Warpaint, Hydra Turquoise, £2.20

September Mini Tutorial:
Inside every heroines box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For September's Heroines Drop we covered how to use the Army Painter turquoise trio to paint octopus tentacles, using blending and freehand techniques.

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Marike Guardian of the Sea

marike guardian of the sea darksword miniatures asset drop heroines

Marike, Guardian of the Sea, Darksword Miniatures, £18.00

Check out the photos below of the stunning Marike diorama created by our box subscribers using the drop contents!

marike guardian of the sea, asset drop heroines

Painted by Eddie @primitive_paintshop (Instagram)

marike guardian of the sea, asset drop heroines

Painted by Adam @walkersward (Twitter)

Scenic base and Basing rocks

asset drop heroines box, serious play

Scenic 70mm base by Warbases, White Stones by Serious Play, £2.10

Coastal Lichen and Ocean Sand

gamers grass tufts asset drop heroines box

Asset Drop Baseworks line, Ocean basing theme, £3.90

A Trio of Army Painter

army painter asset drop heroines box

Army Painter, Turquoise trio, £6.60

This is the finished Octopus tentacles effect, painted by our resistent painter Marc for the Heroines Painting Guide. We love the freehand details that bring this effect to life. You can access this tutorial on our Patreon channel.

asset drop heroines octopus tentacles

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