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October’s Heroines Drop Unboxed

October's Heroines Box was an impressive one, featuring a dynamic miniature from the game Carnivale by TT Combat. White Dove is mid leap against her attacker, dressed in a Venetian mask to hide her identity. To show off this heroine miniature, we worked with the very impressive team at Warbases to create a custom MDF terrain piece. We were really happy with our stunning Venetian Canal, built to hold a resin water effect inside to perfectly mimic those unique streets of Venice.

But we didn't stop there! Alongside the Venetian Canal, subscribers to October's Box received a Noble Gondola miniature by TT Combat, which features an iconic gondola from Venice that fits perfectly inside the Venetian Canal terrain. The resin water effect from Serious Play allowed this Gondola to be submerged to create a truly realistic diorama.

Finally, we chose not to feature our standard trio of paints inside this box and instead chose a premium Algae Weathering Wash by Ultimate Modelling Products to add that extra touch of nature and age to the canal scene. Check out some of the finished dioramas from our subscribers, pictured below!

If you'd like to learn how to use a resin water effect, you can download October's Heroines Guide on our Patreon channel which shows you how to do just that. For $4 per month we upload at least 5 detailed Painting Guides and you can download them all.

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Inside October’s Heroines Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing heroines october

October Drop Contents:

  • White Dove Miniature from Carnivale by TT Combat, £8.00
  • Noble Gondola from Carnivale by TT Combat, £8.00
  • Exclusive MDF Scenery - Venetian Canal Scene by Warbases, £5.00
  • Resin Water Effect, Murky Green, by Serious Play, £4.99
  • Algae Weathering wash by Ultimate Modelling Products, £5.99

October Mini Tutorial:
Inside every heroines box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For October's Heroines Box we went through how to build and paint their Venetian Canal, how to add the resin water effect, and how to use the algae weathering wash!

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White Dove from Carnivale

white dove carnivale asset drop heroines

White Dove, Carnivale the Game, £8.00

Check out the photos below of the stunning Venetian diorama as created by our subscribers!

white dove carnivale asset drop heroines

Painted by our subscriber Alexander @alexander_ecaol (Instagram)

white dove carnivale asset drop heroines

By our subscriber Tom @Tom90deg (Twitter)

Venetian Canal Scene

asset drop heroines box, warbases venice canal

Exclusive Venetian Canal Scene by Warbases £5.00

Noble Gondola Miniature from Carnivale

noble gondola carnivale asset drop heroines box

Noble Gondola miniature for Carnivale by TT Combat , £8.00

Resin Water and an Algae Wash

algae wash ump resin water serious play asset drop heroines box

Ultimate Modelling Products Algae Wash, and Resin Water Effect by Serious Play, Total RRP £11.00

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