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October’s Heroines Drop Unboxed

October's Heroines box was all about steampunk and speed, featuring an incredible miniature from Micro Art Studio - Lady Dorothy Quimby! This beautiful, badass lady came equipped with her very own steampunk vehicle. To complete the Heroines Kit, we also featured a stunning 60mm Town Square base by Secret Weapon Miniatures, a trio of Coat d'Arms red paints and an old Victorian lamp by Hexy Studio.

Subscribers were able to use all these pieces together, along with the free painting tutorial included in the box, to put together an epic steampunk diorama featuring their new female miniature. The Heroines Box is all about being creative and having fun each month!

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Inside October’s Heroines Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing heroines october

October Drop Contents:

  • Lady Dorothy Quimby from Micro Art Studio, £15.30
  • Secret Weapon 60mm Town Square Base, £4.80
  • Hexy Studio Old Victorian Lamp , £0.77
  • Coat d'Arms, Brick Red, £2.20
  • Coat d'Arms, Vampire Red, £2.20
  • Coat d'Arms, Blood Red, £2.20

October Mini Tutorial:
Inside every heroines box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For October's tutorial we covered how to paint great looking reds for Lady Dorothy's red dress, ensuring a high contrast finish.

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Our Steampunk Heroine: Lady Dorothy

lady dorothy quimby ash and oak micro art studio asset drop heroines
Lady Dorothy Quimby is from the Wolsung miniatures game by Micro Art Studio

Lady Dorothy Quimby is a stunning steampunk heroine from the Wolsung miniatures game. We chose to feature her in the box for many different reasons: we love the dynamic nature of her pose, expressing speed as her vehicle leans to take a corner. There are plenty of painting opportunities with her model, covering fabric, rubber and metallics to name a few, giving our subscribers a diverse challenge for October.

She's incredibly badass, shooting bad guys as she drives along the cobbled streets. We love to showcase beautiful and fearless women, celebrated for their strength and skill, which we think Lady Dorothy does a wonderful job of emphasising. Plus, she looks amazing on the tabletop! All in all, she was the ideal fit for our Heroines Box.

Below you can see some photos from our subscribers who have painted their October miniature and taken the time to share their photos on social media.

lady dorothy quimby micro art studio lady dorothy quimby micro art studio
Painted by our subscriber Glen of Singapore

Town Square Base and Victorian Lamp

secret weapon town square base asset drop monthly
The detailed 60mm Town Square base from Secret Weapon and a Victorian lamp by Hexy studio

To display Lady Dorothy Quimby we chose the Town Square base as it's cobbled, exactly like Victorian England (which steampunk is often based on). The texture of the base and varied nature of the stone shapes make the base wonderful to paint, and the manhole cover adds a little flash of metal to the stone for contrast. It's also a very flat base, necessary to position the vehicle on. We included a small lamp from Hexy to add a fun little touch of Victorian times, the streets of which were lit primarily by ornate gas lamps.

A Trio of Coat d’Arms Paints

coat d arms red asset drop heroines box
A trio of reds from the Coat d'Arms to paint Dorothy's cloak

It's no secret that we adore Coat d'Arms paints here at Asset Drop. They are a regular feature of our Great Paints boxes due to their great colours range, affordable price point and high quality. They are very reliable as a paint brand, with all their colours working well together and painting on miniatures like a dream. For this box, we wanted to show subscribers how to paint beautiful red cloth so we chose a lovely trio that builds from a deep dark red base up to a bright bold red highlight. To add even more pop, we also cover how to use blacks and whites from your own collection in the Heroines guide!

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