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November’s Heroines Drop Unboxed

November's Heroines Box was pirate-themed, with a pair of awesome miniatures from Bushido The Game. Mari Jung, the Pirate Queen and her ninja bodyguard Ran Fujiwaro! To build the heroines diorama this month, we worked with the talented Micro Art Studio to design a new 60mm Wooden Base that would suit our pirate ladies. We were blown away by the stunning base they created for the box- check it out below!

To add to the scene, we included a Treasure Chest from Reaper Miniatures and picked a cool blue trio from Coat d'Arms for the main colour scheme. Marc, our painter, created a tutorial on how to paint Ran's dynamic skirt, including a great section on how to do freehand painting.

If you like the sound of this tutorial, you can download November's Heroines Painting Guide (plus over 21 others!) on our Patreon channel. It's only $4 per month for access to all our miniature painting content.

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Inside November’s Heroines Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing heroines november

November Drop Contents:

  • Mari Jung, the Pirate Queen - Bushido Miniatures, £8.00
  • Ran Fujiwaro - Bushido Miniatures, £8.00
  • Wooden 60mm Base - Micro Art Studio - £4.00
  • Treasure Chest - Reaper Miniatures, £1.80
  • Nauseous Blue - Coat d'Arms, £2.50
  • Shadow Grey - Coat d'Arms, £2.50
  • Lupin Grey - Coat d'Arms, £2.50

November Mini Tutorial:
Inside every heroines box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For November's Box we showed subscribers how to paint Ran's dynamic blue skirt using the cold blues from Coat d'Arms, with some freehand pattern painting included too.

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Female Pirates by Bushido Miniatures

jung pirates bushido miniatures asset drop heroines

Female Jung Pirates, Bushido the Game, £16.00

Check out the photos below of The Pirate Queen dioramas, finished by our subscribers and shared on social media!

Bushido miniatures pirates asset drop heroines

Painted by our subscriber Charlotte of the UAE @whimsywits (Instagram)

Bushido miniatures pirates asset drop heroines

By our subscriber Erik @1nme4u (Instagram)

Wooden Base from Micro Art Studio

asset drop heroines box, micro art studio wood

60mm Wooden Base from Micro Art Studio, plus Treasure Chest from Reaper Miniatures £5.80

Trio of blues from Coat d’Arms

coat d'arms blue asset drop heroines box

Cold blue trio from Coat d'Arms, £7.50

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