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May’s Heroines Drop Unboxed

May's Heroines Drop featured a fiery beauty by RN Estudio. The Levita miniature looks to be a cross between Wonder Woman and an archangel of justice, given her amazing flaming sword! We just had to feature her in the Heroines Box defending the world against evil.

To theme the diroama, we wanted it to look like Levita was disrupting an evil ritual in an old abandond church, the perfect place to fight evil. For the floor we picked a simple mosaic base by Micro Art Studio, paired with the Altar of Evil from Reaper Miniatures. A selection of basing items could be used to decorate the base - candles from Tabletop Art and skulls by MiniMonsters to really dial up the creepy vibe!

Finally, we had an excellent set of paints in this box from WarColours. A metallic copper trio that we used to paint Levita's flowing cloak. By doing this with real metals, it's possible to create the look of shimmering fabric, which is ideal for an avenging angel! The tutorial covering how to paint this clothing effect can now be downloaded from our Patreon channel here.

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Inside May’s Heroines Drop

Asset Drop heroines box may

Heroines Box, May 2020 contents:

    1. Levita miniature by RN Estudio, £14.50
    2. 50mm Mosaic Base by Micro Art Studio, £3.75
    3. Altar of Evil by Reaper Miniatures, £2.30
    4. Candles by Tabletop Art (2), £1.72 and 5. Skulls by MiniMonsters (2), £0.60
    6. Metallic Black Gold by WarColours, £2.30
    7. Metallic Antique Gold by WarColours, £2.30
    8. Metallic Pale Gold by WarColours, £2.30

    May Tutorial:
    Inside every heroines box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For May's box, we looked at how to paint Levita's flowing cloak using metallic paints to give it the look of a shimmering fabric.

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    asset drop may heroines box
    A unique twist by our subscriber @scattershot619
    asset drop may heroines box
    Painted by our subscriber @snowinarmour
    asset drop may heroines box asset drop may heroines box
    Painted by our subscriber @archon_sarah

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