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March’s Heroines Drop Unboxed

March's Heroines drop contained our most expensive miniature yet, but she was worth every penny! The imperial assassin from Wargame Exclusive is a highly detailed, premium quality miniature that's amazing to paint. Accompanying her this month, we had a trio of Coat d'Arms paints perfect for painting her black stealth suit, and a Kromlech weathering pigment for adding character to her included scenic base. There was also a bonus Asset Dropper bottle for mixing up a pigment wash!

Our Heroines boxes act like a monthly kit with all the contents chosen to work together to get you started on your painting project. Subscribers can use the beautiful female miniature to try out new technique and colour scheme, painting her up for display or wargaming 🙂

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Inside March’s Heroines Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing heroines march

March Drop Contents:

  • Vindicare assassin, Wargame Exclusive, £20.00
  • Coat d'Arms Panzer Grey, £2.30
  • Coat d'Arms Field Blue, £2.30
  • Coat d'Arms Black Ink Wash, £2.30
  • Kromlech Trench Earth Pigment, £2.85
  • Asset Dropper Bottle, £1.00

March Mini Tutorial:
Inside every heroines box, we always include a painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For April's tutorial we went through how to use the Kromlech weathering pigment included on the Wargame Exclusive scenic base to create a dirt and derelict look, perfect for the mini's busted concrete base.

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Wargame Exclusive: Imperial Assassin

wargame exclusive imperial assassin
Imperial Assassin Miniature imported from Wargame Exclusive
in the Ukraine, £20.00 RRP

Wargame Exclusive are an amazing miniature manufacturer from the Ukraine. What impressed me about their minis the most is the casting quality. There are very limited mould lines, rarely any defects, and the detail level is outstanding!

They also have a brilliant selection of females, all in Warhammer style, perfect for painting up and adding to your army. Definitely check out their website, but be warned, you're likely to spend way too much money there 😛 Alternatively, buy March's box on our store!

wargame exclusive imperial assassin wargame exclusive imperial assassin
Imperial Assassin Miniature front and back showing the amazing level of detail and scenic base.

A Trio of Coat d’Arms paints

coat d arms paints asset drop heroines
Coat d'Arms: Panzer Grey, £2.30; Field Blue, £2.30; and Black Ink Wash, £2.30

In every Heroines Box, we always include a trio of paints for painting part of your miniature. Vindicare Assassins wear black stealth suits, but you never paint a miniature in pure black becaue it's impossible to shade and highlight. Therefore, in March's drop we included Panzer Grey, which is a very dark grey for the base colour.

The Black Ink was is used as a shade to deepen the shadows, and then Field Blue is the highlight colour. Don;t be fooled by it's name though, it's a pale cool grey (not a blue at all), which is ideal for highlighting a stealth suit. Of course, you don't just have to use your trio on the miniature in the box. The great thing about the paints we include is they are functional units, so you can apply them to any other models you have to paint!

A Kromlech Weathering Pigment
and Asset Dropper

kromlech weathering pigment and asset dropper bottle
Subscribers received Kromlech's Trench Earth or Dark Mud, both light brown pigments, £2.85; and an Asset Dropper bottle, £1.00

A big part of completing a miniature to a high standard is painting their scenic base. The Imperial Assassin from Wargame Exclusive comes with an awesome busted concrete base that's very post Apocalyptic and ideally suited to weathering pigments. If you don't use pigments yet, you're missing out! They are perfect for adding finishing touches and an extra level of realism to whatever you're painting.

The Kromlech pigment is very high quality and easy to use. April's tutorial goes through how to apply it dry to the base, and how to produce a pigment wash for streaking and speckling effects.

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