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March’s Heroines Drop Unboxed

March's Heroines Drop was filled with magic and colour, featuring a pair of stunning faerie miniatures from Moonstone the Game by Goblin King Games. In this month's diorama, we imagine that Freya and Teetoe have found a set of Moonstones in a secret grove in the woods and are going about collecting them to sell to the Wizard's Tower, which is the aim of the skirmish game.

To build out this scene, we included a variety of basing items in the box. Firstly, a wooden path base from Warbases, leading towards a Dwarven Archway by Zealot Miniatures. We picked this doorway because it has a magical appearance and has a stone set its the centre. Where does this portal lead? Why is it in the clearing with the moonstones? These questions were for our subscribers to answer.

Of course we also had to include our very own moonstones in the box, sourced by Serious Play Scenics, and a custom landscape scatter from our Baseworks range. The scatter was called Secret Grove and featured woodland materials with blue tones and small bits of moonstone. A truly mystical texture!

Finally, for the Heroines Painting Guide tutorial, we included a set of beautiful orange Reaper paints to paint Teetoe's huge butterfly-style wings. The tutorial covers how to blend the oranges and paint a freehand design. You can now download it on our Patreon channel for just $4 here.

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Inside March’s Heroines Drop

Asset Drop heroines box march

Heroines Box, March 2020 contents:

  • TeeToe from Moonstone The Game by Goblin King Games, £7.60
  • Fraya from Moonstone The Game by Goblin King Games, £7.60
  • Flagstone Pathway Base by Warbases, £0.65
  • Dwarven Arch by Zealot Miniatures, £3.00
  • Moonstones by Serious Play Scenics, £0.99
  • Secret Grove Scatter from the Asset Drop Baseworks line, £2.55
  • Carrottop Red Master Series Paint by Reaper Miniatures, £2.65
  • Explosion Orange Master Series Paint by Reaper Miniatures, £2.65
  • Marigold Yellow Master Series Paint by Reaper Miniatures, £2.65

Total RRP Value in March's Box is £30.25 for just £21.90.

March Mini Tutorial:
Inside every heroines box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For March's Box we paint an orange faerie wing, blending from dark orange to white in the centre, and then paint on freehand designs in black.

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Freya & Teetoe by Moonstone

teetoe freya moonstone asset drop heroines
Subscriber Dioramas
heroines box march finished
Painted by @watchitpaintit
heroines box march finished
Painted by @whimsywits
heroines box March finished
Painted by @whimsywits
heroines box March finished
Painted by @huusfeldtmini

Dwavern Arch by Zealot Miniatures

Pathway base by Warbases

asset drop heroines zealot miniatures archway

Secret Grove Baseworks Texture

Moonstones by Serious Play

baseworks secret grove moonstones asset drop heroines box

Reaper Core Colors Paints

reaper core colors asset drop heroines

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