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March’s Heroines Drop Unboxed

March's Heroines Box was packed full of steampunk goodness, with a flamethrower wielding mercenary badass at it's heart! We absolutely love the Bernette miniature from Micro Art Studio and paired her with a faithful Clockwork Servant also from the Wolsung universe.

To accompany this duo, subscribers found a beautiful 60mm Machinery Base from Tabletop Art and a wealth of basing bits. Some fun clockwork crates from Micro Art Studio and some Victorian-style barrels from the fantastic Zealot Miniatures!

Finally, we rounded out the box with a set of stunning metallic paints by Coat d'Arms to paint the steampunk characters in March's box.

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Inside March’s Heroines Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing heroines march

March Drop Contents:

  • 28mm Bernette Vigil from the Wolsung Skirmish Game, £9.00
  • 28mm Clockwork Servant from Wolsung (1 of 3 designs), £4.00
  • 60mm Ancient Machinery Base by Tabletop Art, £4.00
  • 2x Wooden Barrels by Zealot Miniatures, £2.18
  • 2x Clockwork Crates by Micro Art Studio, £2.15
  • Coat d’Arms, Magic Metal, £2.30
  • Coat d’Arms, Brass, £2.30
  • Coat d’Arms, Silver, £2.30

March Mini Tutorial:
Inside every heroines box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For March's tutorial we included a fantastic how to on painting True Metallic Metals, using the clockwork servant as the example!

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Bernette The Steampunk Mercenary

bernette wolsung micro art studio asset drop heroines
Bernette Vigil from the Wolsung universe and her Clockwork Servant - Full RRP £13.00

Bernette is a stunning resin miniature from Micro Art Studio wielding a massive steampunk flamethrower with her billowing red hair - can you get any more badass than that? 😉 As the ethos of our heroines box - a place to feature epic female miniatures - we just knew Bernette was a sure fire inclusion (pun intended)!

To accompany her we included a Clockwork Servant, one of three different designs available. These servants are really fun! They're all carrying out different jobs, with great expressions, and are perfect for practising TMMs.

It's clear that people have been having lots of fun with March's Heroines box. Check out the dioramas below, all painted by our lovely subscribers!

bernette asset drop heroines micro art studio
Bernette painted by our subscriber Jeremy of the USA
bernette asset drop heroines micro art studio
Bernette painted by our subscriber @cecile_paints_minis

Tabletop Art 60mm Machinery Base

tabletop art ancient machinary asset drop monthly
The highly detailed 60mm Machinery base by Tabletop Art

To display our heroine and her servant, we wanted to include a base with some height. We felt that if we was stood on a raised section of ground, it would look like her hair was billowing in the wind as she surveyed her next target. It would also allow subscribers to place Bernette higher than her servant and provide a great dynamic to the base.

The Machinery base from Tabletop Art was perfect. The cobblestones were ideal to invoke a Victorian steampunk feel, and we even have cogs and pipes built into the base for that extra authentic look. This 60mm base was a no-brainer and perfect to set the scene.

A Set of Steampunk Basing Bits

zealot miniatures asset drop heroines box

Two clockwork crates from Micro Art Studio and two Victorian barrels from Zealot Miniatures, Full RRP £4.35

We love basing bits here at Asset Drop! We feel that they can really help to add the finishing touches to a base or diorama, adding more realism and interest to a scene. Plus, resin terrain pieces are generally well cast and beautiful to paint in their own right. We went with some epic pieces for this month's steampunk theme, and you can see how great they all looked together with the base in the photo below by one of our subscribers!

zealot miniatures tabletop art micro art studio steampunk
Painted by our subscriber Alex in the UK.
Tabletop Art base, clockwork crates by Micro Art Studio and barrels by Zealot Miniatures.

A Trio of TMMs

coat d'arms TMM asset drop heroines box

A trio of True Metallic Metals by Coat d'Arms: Magic Metal, Brass and Silver

These metallic paints from Coat d'Arms are perfect for painting all the metallic elements of our steampunk duo, and we used these paints in our free Heroines Box tutorial. Marc, our resident painter, explained step by step how to paint great true metallic metals in this month's box! Check out the picture below of his completed diorama!

micro art studio clockwork servant steampunk
Fantastic example of TMMs using the Coat d'Arms trio
Painted by Marc Shucksmith-Wesley for the March Heroines box tutorial!

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