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June’s Heroines Drop Unboxed

June's Heroines box featured an epic steampunk female from the Infamy Games range. Trudy May is a stunning miniature that's powering away on her jet pack over the streets of alternative London- what could be more badass than that? Trudy fights for the Talullah Belle, a much-feared gang in The Big Smoke miniatures game.

Accompanying Trudy in the Heroines box this month we chose a pair of gold paints from our favourite metallic manufacturer - Darkstar. They were the perfect colours for our steampunk heroine, and were complimented ideally by Secret Weapon's Baby Poop wash. The colour of this wash, as disgusting as it sounds, is ideal for warm metallics and dries slightly glossy to retain that lustre.

Finally, subscribers were able to afix Trudy to a intricate Ancient Machinery base by Tabletop Art and add a Victorian Lamp post to that base for added height to complete their diorama display.

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Inside June’s Heroines Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing heroines june

June Drop Contents:

  • Trudy May from Infamy Games, £13.00
  • Tabletop Art Ancient Machinery Base, 40mm, £3.99
  • Tabletop Art Victoria Lamp Post, £1.28
  • Darkstar Molten Metals Antique Gold, £3.50
  • Darkstar Molten Metals Imperial Gold, £3.50
  • Secret Weapon Baby Poop Wash, £3.70

June Mini Tutorial:
Inside every heroines box, we always include a painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For June's tutorial we demonstrated how to use the paints in the drop to paint steampunk gold, quickly and easily. We also included a bonus tutorial on how to paint the Jet Pack smoke effect using greys from your own collection!

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Steampunk Heroine: Trudy May

Trudy may imfamy games the big smoke steampunk asset drop
Trudy May is our steampunk heroine from The Big Smoke game from Infamy Games.

About Trudy May:

Trudy May fights for the Talullah Belle, one of the Big Smoke’s most notorious Kingpins. She and the rest of the gang make daring raids on the city below them, swooping from a fleet of dirigibles that patrol the smog wreathed skies of London, whooping and singing over the noise of their jetpacks.

Trudy May’s weapons reflect her love of over-the-top violence and chaos. Her teleforce blunderbuss and various bomblets are far from refined but they make a loud bang and tend to have an impact… hopefully on the intended target.

About The Big Smoke:

Infamy’s Victorian London is in chaos. Rapid technological advancement has created a bizarre and anarchic steampunk world where the balance of power has shifted. The nation’s capital is the heart of this painful change, with vast areas of the city annexed into designated no-go zones.

These are the domains of the crime lords, the gangs, the mad scientists, the rogue engineers, and the information hunters. There are riches to be found – territory, technology, reputation – but the annexed areas are full of danger.

Infamy: The Big Smoke is a steampunk skirmish game. Players take control of a Kingpin and their gang and do battle across the city of London. The game uses a mixture of playing card and dice mechanics with a focus on tactical activation, model interaction and objectives.

Check out the photos below painted by our subscribers using June's Heroines Kit!

trudy may infamy games
Painted by our subscriber Jeremy of the USA
Painted by our subscriber William of the USA

Ancient Machinery 40mm Base
& Lamp Post from Tabletop Art

tabletop art ancient machinery base 40mm lamp post asset drop monthly
40mm Ancient Machinery Base from Tabletop Art and a Victorian Lamp Post for adding to the base.

Tabletop Art are easily one of our favourite resin base producers, creating fantastic designs in very high quality. The Ancient Machinery base is ideal for a London steampunk setting because of it's integration of gears and cobblestones. The specifically chose this 40mm base because there is the perfect amount of flat space on the cobbles to fit Trudy's jet pack smoke.

We also included a lamp post! We love resin basing bits here at Asset Drop and we feel they really bring a base to life and allow for individual customisation. The lamp post provides added height to complement Trudy's pose as she jets off the ground into the sky. It's also Victorian in style to go with the steampunk setting.

A Trio of Gold Paints from Darkstar and Secret Weapon

darkstar antique gold and imperial gold. Secret weapon baby poop wash. asset drop
Darkstar Molten Metals range: Antique Gold and Imperial Gold with a Secret Weapon Baby Poop wash.

In every Heroines drop we always include some paints to get you started. With the steampunk theme, golds were an obvious choice and Darkstar's Antique and Imperial gold were the perfect colours. After testing many of their golds (and believe me, Darkstar have an incredibly huge range of gold paints!) we found this pair most accurately reflected 'steampunk' to us. 

We paired these colours with a Secret Weapon wash, who manufacturer the best washes in our hobby! If you haven't yet, go check out their range on offer. Baby Poop might sound disgusting but it perfectly complements gold metallics, providing a rich dark golden wash that dries slightly glossy. It intensifies the gold colour and adds shadows where it pools too. Perfect!

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