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July’s Heroines Drop Unboxed

July's Heroines box is a sci-fi box featuring a fantastic miniature from Infinity the Game. Andromeda is not only a badass spy alone; she also comes with a giant robot wolf Cetus by her side! To display this intimidating duo, we included a large 60mm sci-fi base from Secret Weapon, the ideal platform to display Andromeda and Cetus. Secret Weapon also provided our subscribers with an exclusive 15% discount on their store 😀

We love basing bits here at Asset Drop, and so to supplement the fantastic Warp Core bases, subscribers also received a Supply Box and a Sci-Fo Graffiti transfer from Micro Art Studio and a small set of resin bullets from Zinge Industries. These could be added to the base to customise the display.

Finally, we always include a set of paints in the Heroines boxes that are specifically included to use with the miniature. This month we featured a brilliant trio of white paints from INSTAR paint, a new and innovative UK company that produces miniature paints and are constantly expanding their lines.

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Inside July’s Heroines Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing heroines july

July Drop Contents:

  • Andromeda from Infinity The Game, £15.00
  • Secret Weapon 60mm Warp Core Base, £6.00
  • Micro Art Studio Sci Fi Graffiti Transfer (one of 5 available), £0.80
  • Micro Art Studio Supply Box for Infinity, £1.10
  • Zinge Industries resin bullets, £0.25
  • INSTAR paint, IV-06, £1.50
  • INSTAR paint, Pale Flesh, £1.50
  • INSTAR paint, Arctic White, £1.50

July Mini Tutorial:
Inside every heroines box, we always include a painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For July's tutorial we covered how to paint smooth white using the INSTAR paints, as well as exactly how to use the sci-fi transfer from Micro Art Studio with an example of how cool the base can look with the graffiti added!

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Sci-Fi Heroine: Andromeda

andromeda sci fi heroine Infinity the game asset drop
Andromeda and her faithful robot Cetus were our epic sci-fi duo for July's Heroines box

About Andromeda:

In Greek mythology, Andromeda means “she who rules”. The daughter of King Cepheus, Andromeda was betrayed by her mother (who was jealous of her beauty) and tied to a rock at sea to become a sacrifice. However, the hero Perseus rescued her and they fell in love. She was soon to rule by his side, as a powerful and formidable leader.

In the Infinity universe, ALEPH are an artificial intelligence that assists the Human Sphere, and Steel Phalanx is their Secret Service, home to the most deadly and fearless spies. Andromeda takes her name from this Greek legend because her beauty and intelligence makes all men worship her. She is a lab-grown, cybernetically enhanced female with a personality stored in her ‘cube’. This means she can never die. If her body is killed, she’ll just be downloaded into another copy!

Part human and part cyborg, Andromeda is cunning, brave and ruthless, doing whatever it takes to be successful in her mission. And if Andromeda ever looks fragile and helpless, beware of the briefcase she carries with her which can easily transform in Cetus, her loyal robot companion and her ace in the hole for taking down anyone who would stand in her way!

Check out the images below painted by our subscribers using their July Heroines Drop.

andromeda infinity the game painted
Painted by our subscriber Jeremy of the USA
Painted by our subscriber Zachary of the USA

Secret Weapon 60mm Warp Core Base

secret weapon warp core base asset drop
Secret Weapon 60mm Warp Core Sci-Fi Base

Secret Weapon are a wonderful resin base producer with a huge variety of bases on offer. Their range of sci-fi bases is particularly good, and we felt the Warp Core base was ideal for Andromeda, who would often be carrying out secret missions on enemy space ships.

The Warp Core base is particular good because it is mostly flat to give Andromeda and Cetus plenty of standing room, but it is also highly detailed (like all of Secret Weapon's bases) so it's a joy to paint.

Micro Art Studio Sci-Fi Transfer and Infinity Supply Box

micro art studio sci fi asset drop
Sci-Fi Graffiti Transfer from Micro Art Studio (one of 5 available), a Supply Box designed for Infinity the Game and some resin bullets from Zinge Industries for basing, total RRP £2.15

The Micro Art Studio Sci-Fi Graffiti transfers are fantastic for a futuristic or even post-apocalyptic future! They work very simply and can add a really brilliant element of colour and interest to a base or any terrain. In July's Heroines box we include a tutorial on how to apply the transfer correctly to your sci-fi base.

We also included the Supply Box from Infinity designed specifically for use within the miniatures game as a specific objective. Perhaps Andromeda has to recover the secret contents for her mission? The bullets from Zinge also add a nice additional element on interest to the base and the scene.

INSTAR Trio of White Paints

instar paint white asset drop heroines july
A trio of 15ml white paints from INSTAR paint, total RRP £4.50

Finally, we went with white paints from Andromeda, who's colour scheme is white, purple and silvers. The whites were ideal to feature because they're very good! They cover smoothly and form a great trio to add shadows and highlights. We cover painting Andromeda's clock in the free tutorial included with this monthly box.

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