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July’s Heroines Drop Unboxed

July's Heroines box was themed on Survival of the Fittest and is based in a post Apocalyptic future! We chose to feature The Survivor miniature from Sukubus Studio who came complete with a baseball bat ready to kick some ass!

To display her, we picked the stunning 60mm Urban Rubble base from Unreal Wargaming Studio along with some resin basing bits from Zinge Industries. We love their range of basing bits and picked the Modern Day Sprue, which is full of petrol cans, drink cans and spent bullets. We paired that with a trash can Fire Pit; all things you'd expect to see in a future gone wrong!

As for the paints, we decided our heroine would look great wearing a khaki jump suit to contrast with her backpack, so we featured a trio of sand colours from Hataka Hobby, an amazing paint manufacturer based in Poland.

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Inside July’s Heroines Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing heroines july

July Drop Contents:

  • Survivor Miniature by Sukubus Studio, £10.00
  • 60mm Urban Rubble Base by Unreal Wargaming Studio, £6.50
  • Fire Pit by Zinge Industries, £1.25
  • Modern Day Basing Sprue by Zinge Industries, £3.00
  • Hataka Hobby, Grey Beige, £2.50
  • Hataka Hobby, Stone Yellow, £2.50
  • Hataka Hobby, Desert Beige, £2.50

July Mini Tutorial:
Inside every heroines box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For July's Heroines Drop we covered how to use the sandy trio to paint our survivors jump suit in a khaki style!

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The Survivor – Sukubus Studio

survivor female miniature sukubus studio asset drop heroines

We love the high level of attitude our survivor miniature from Sukubus Studio is rocking, and included all the products needed for subscribers to make an equally badass diorama. We were especially impressed with Gabriel's diorama, which took things one step further and added a zombie to the base!

asset drop heroines july box 2019
Created by @scottishbirdman

60mm Urban Rubble Base

unreal wargaming studio urban rubble asset drop monthly

Modern Day Basing Bits

zinge industries modern day asset drop heroines box

A Trio of Hataka Hobby Paints

hataka hobby asset drop heroines box
These Hataka Hobby paints work fantastic together to produce a great Khaki jump suit for our survivor heroine. Check out the final result from July's Heroines Guide, which was painted by Marc!
heroine asset drop july

Khaki jump suit painted by our resident paint, Marc as part of the July's Heroines Tutorial

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