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January’s Heroines Drop Unboxed

January's Heroines Box revolved around the gigantic Fungal Queen from Reaper Miniatures. To create her environment we included a wealth of forest basing materials to produce a diorama worthy of our queen.

As the basis of the landscape, we designed a scatter that looks like the floor of an English Woodland. To accompany this, we worked with Shadow's Edge Miniatures to feature their stunning Flower Tufts, and Alien Lab Miniatures to include their pack of detailed resin logs.

Because the Fungal Queen is so tall, we wanted the forest around her to be tall as well and decided to use natural Seafoam Trees from Serious Play to create a frame/ backdrop for the model. To do this, we provided some basing cork, which could be sculpted into a hill to insert the seafoam trees into, standing the heroine in front of them so they fan out behind her.

Last but not least, our heroine is clearly magical and to really show that off we included a Fluorescent Violet paint from Green Stuff World, which could be used with two of the blue paints from his brand new range of Acrylics. The tutorial in the Heroines Box focused on how to paint the fungal crown using these paints.

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Inside January’s Heroines Drop

Asset Drop heroines box january

January Drop Contents:

  • Fungal Queen by Reaper Miniatures, £7.00
  • Green Stuff World Fluor Paint - Violet, £2.70
  • Green Stuff World Acrylic Color - Marine Blue, £2.55
  • Green Stuff World Acrylic Color - Zima Blue, £2.55
  • English Woodland Texture by Asset Drop Baseworks, £2.50
  • Natural Seafoam Trees by Serious Play, £3.00
  • Basing Cork by Serious Play, £0.70
  • Large Terrain Base by Warbases, £0.50
  • 6mm Flower Tufts by Shadow’s Edge Miniatures, £3.00
  • Wooden Logs by Alien Lab Creator, £2.50

January Mini Tutorial:
Inside every heroines box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For January's box, we looked at how to paint the Fungal Queen's crown using the Green Stuff World Fluorescent paint.

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Fungal Queen from Reaper Miniatures

fungal queen reaper miniatures asset drop heroines

Fungal Queen, Reaper Miniatures £7.00

Check out the photos below of the completed Heroine's woodland diorama, using all the contents of January's drop!


Painted by our subscriber @theravensreliquary (Instagram)

reaper miniatures fungal queen asset drop heroines

By our subscriber Chris @mr_jack_daw (Instagram)

English Woodland Texture & Flowers

asset drop heroines box, baseworks texture

English Woodland Texture from Asset Drop Baseworks line, £2.50,
and Flower Tufts by Shadow's Edge Miniatures, £3.00

Wooden Logs by Alien Lab Miniatures

alien lab miniatures logs asset drop heroines box

Wooden Logs by Alien Lab Miniatures, £2.50

Natural Seafoam Trees

seafoam trees asset drop heroines box

Seafoam Trees by Serious Play Scenics, £3.00

Wooden Base & Cork

warbases serious play asset drop heroines box

Wooden diorama base by Warbases and Basing cork from Serious Play Scenics, £1.20

Green Stuff World Paints

green stuff world paint fluor asset drop heroines box

Green Stuff World Fluorescent Violet paint, GSW Zima Blue and GSW Marine Blue, RRP £7.75

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