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January’s Heroines Drop Unboxed

January's Heroines Drop featured a truly badass pair of female miniatures from Malifaux's Arcanist faction- The Silent Ones. These ladies are found in cold, icy environments and can wield a terrifying ice power against their enemies!

For this month's diorama, we went with the theme of snow which was perfect for the Silent Ones and the time of year 😉 For the scenic base, we featured a stunning 60mm Crystal Fields Base from one of our favourite manufacturers, Tabletop Art, who we highly recommend checking out. For the basing material, we picked the fantastic INSTA-SNO by Precision Ice and Snow. It's the most realistic snow you'll ever use and is a must have for any miniature painter interested in snow effects!

Finally, to finish off the set, we featured a trio of blue 'Sheen' paints from INSTAR to paint the ice crystals. Our resident painter Marc provided an excellent tutorial for painting ice using this glossy blue trio! Together with the INSTA-SNO, this produced a spectacular base for our January heroines.

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Inside January’s Heroines Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing heroines january

January Drop Contents:

  • Malifaux Silent Ones x2, Arcanist Faction, £13.99
  • Tabletop Art, 60mm Crystal Fields Base, £4.00
  • Precision Ice and Snow, Insta-Sno, £8.50
  • INSTAR, Bright Blue Sheen, £1.50
  • INSTAR, Sapphire Blue Sheen, £1.50
  • INSTAR, Dark Purple Sheen, £1.50

January Mini Tutorial:
Inside every heroines box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For January's tutorial we go through how to paint a realistic ice effect on the ice crystal base. There is also a bonus tips section on using the INSTA-SNO and a full tutorial booklet provided by Precision Ice and Snow!

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The Silent Ones – Malifaux

the silent ones malifaux arcanists
The Silent Ones are part of the Arcanists faction from the Malifaux wargame

We love the Silent One miniatures! They help to create a dynamic scene, with their flowing hair and cloaks depicting a windswept, icy landscape. They also have an intimidating appearance due to their iron face guards, giving them a slightly dystopian feeling. All in all, they are the definition of a badass female miniature!

Here is some of their fascinating lore taken from the Malifaux website: "Devout followers of the Cult of December, Silent Ones are women who had their tongues removed by treacherous priests. Rasputina has since had those priests put to death, and Silent Ones have risen in status within the cult. They wield a small portion of the terrible power of December, bringing their ice magic to bear against anyone who threatens them or the Cult."

Check out the Heroines diorama below, painted by one of our subscribers!

Heroines in the snow painted by Owen of the UK

Tabletop Art Crystal Base and INSTA-SNO

tabletop art crystal field asset drop monthly
The 60mm Crystal Fields Base from Tabletop Art

To celebrate the fact that our heroines wield a powerful ice magic, and are wrapped up in furs for the cold weather, we featured an icy base and a snow basing effect to create the Heroine's diorama this month. Tabletop Art produce a huge range of high quality resin bases, and their Crystal Fields range was perfect for this box! They actually have several designs, but we went with this one because of the added height the mound of ice crystals add to the base.

Precision Ice and Snow were also an obvious choice when it came to basing materials. We've featured them once before in the Discovery Box of January 2018 and were blown away by the quality of their snow basing powder. At the time, they were just launching INSTA-SNO, so we were overjoyed when we had a box theme that lent itself so perfectly to showcasing their newest snow effect! They also provide a detailed tutorial booklet to accompany all their products, which was added to the Heroines Box this month for free.

precision ice and snow insta-sno asset drop monthly
INSTA-SNO basing material by Precision Ice and Snow

A Trio of INSTAR Sheen Paints

insta sheen paints asset drop heroines box

A trio of INSTAR 'sheen' paints to create a realistic ice effect

As well as their normal range of matte paints, INSTAR actually offer all their colours in a Sheen format, so they dry with a glossy finish. This is a really cool idea because it means you don't have to worry about adding a gloss varnish to shiny effects afterwards. We chose two blues and a purple sheen paint from INSTAR to produce the ice crystal effect for this month's base, and thought the glossy drying state of the Sheen paints provided a much more realistic result!

Below is the completed Crystal base, painted by our resident painter, Marc using INSTAR paints and INSTA-SNO basing material 🙂

tabletop art cyrstal base precision ice and snow insta-sno
Diorama by our resident painter Marc.
Tabletop Art Crystal Fields Base, painted with INSTAR Sheer paints, and finished off with Precision Ice & Snow INSTA-SNO basing effect.

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