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February’s Heroines Drop Unboxed

February's Heroines Box was a steampunk, fairy tale mash up box revolving around the stunningly detailed Gretel & Hansel miniature from Twisted by Demented Games. Using well known fairy tales and stories for inspiration, Demented Games designs impeccably detailed models, full of personality, all with a steampunk twist.

To display the gorgeous heroine, we included an Arcane Base from Alien Lab Miniatures. The magical, steampunk appearance worked perfectly to display Gretel. We also want subscribers to be able to personalise their dioramas, and so we worked with the talented team at Warbases to design some Cogs & Keys basing bits to add to the box.

Finally, we picked three attractive colours from The Army Painter, a minty teal trio to go with the box. They were chosen to paint a glowing rune effect on the arcane symbols on the resin base. Our Heroines Painting Guide covered this tutorial in detail, which you can now download on our Patreon channel. Check it out here.

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Inside February’s Heroines Drop

Asset Drop heroines box february

February Drop Contents:

  • Gretel & Hansel by Demented Games, £15.00
  • 50mm Arcane Base by Alien Lab Miniatures, £3.95
  • Steampunk Cogs & Keys by Warbases, £2.50
  • The Army Painter, Angel Green, £2.50
  • The Army Painter, Elemental Bolt, £2.50
  • The Army Painter, Kraken Skin, £2.50

February Mini Tutorial:
Inside every heroines box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For February's Box we loved at how to create a magical glow effect from arcane symbols.

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Gretel & Hansel by Demented Games

gretel hansel demented games asset drop heroines
Subscriber Dioramas
heroines box February finished
Painted by @lingshiren_minis
heroines box February finished
Painted by @Minicraft_studios
heroines box February finished
Painted by @primitive_paintshop

Arcane Base by Alien Lab Miniatures

asset drop heroines arcane base alien lab

Steampunk Cogs & Keys by Warbases

warbases steampunk cogs gears asset drop heroines box

The Army Painter trio

the army painter asset drop heroines

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