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August’s Heroines Drop Unboxed

August's Heroines Drop was themed on Knights and Valour, and we chose to include a beautiful female Knight from Mierce Miniatures, Carys. Dressed in full battle armour, with shield and sword in tow, Carys was ready to defend her charge to the end. To complete her diorama, we picked a Woodland Base from Tabletop Art, imagining her to be guarding a wealthy noble on their trip through Sherwood Forest.

To accessorise the base, we include a set of mushrooms from Serious Play, which worked nicely with the log already sculpted into the base, and a fantastic pack of Wild Grass Tufts from Gamers Grass. Finally, we featured a trio of green paints from INSTAR paint, which could be used to paint her fur cloak. Green was a common colour in medieval times and would have provided great camouflage in the forest for our Knight.

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Inside August’s Heroines Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing heroines august

August Drop Contents:

  • Carys, Uchelwr of Arfon on Foot by Mierce Miniatures, £13.00
  • 50mm Woodland Base by Tabletop Art, £4.00
  • 70x Wild Green 4mm tufts from Gamers Grass, £3.80
  • 4x resin Mushrooms by Serious Play Scenics, £1.50
  • INSTAR, Pine Green Matte, 10ml acrylic paint, £1.50
  • INSTAR, Grass Green Matte, 10ml acrylic paint, £1.50
  • INSTAR, Lime Green Matte, 10ml acrylic paint, £1.50

August Mini Tutorial:
Inside every heroines box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For August's Heroines Drop we covered how to use the INSTAR trio to paint a beautiful green fur cloak.

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Carys The Knight

carys mierce miniatures asset drop heroines

Carys by Mierce Miniatures, £12.99

Check out the photo below of the beautiful heroine Carys painted by our subscriber, Primitive Paint Shop on Instagram.

asset drop heroines august box 2019

50mm Woodland Base

woodland base tabletop art asset drop monthly

Woodland Base, Tabletop Art, £4.00

Gamers Grass Tufts and Mushrooms

gamers grass tufts asset drop heroines box

Gamers Grass, 4mm Wild Tufts, £3.70

serious play mushrooms asset drop heroines box

Resin Mushrooms, Serious Play, £1.50

A Trio of INSTAR Paints

instar paints asset drop heroines box

Green INSTAR Paints, £4.50

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