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April’s Heroines Drop Unboxed

April's Heroines Drop was a lot of fun to put together, and was a first at Asset Drop because this month was a VILLAINS TAKEOVER! Instead of featuring a heroine, we featured a villain from Mesopotamian mythology - Erishkigal - the Queen of Kur, the Sumerian Underworld, crafted by Purgatory Miniatures! She's an absolutely stunning female miniature and was a must-include as soon as we discovered her.

To show off our Queen of the Dead, we included a 60mm incredibly detailed graveyard base from Alien Lab Creator. To decorate the base we went with a custom created pack of Spooky Tufts by Serious Play Scenics. Alex designed these tufts especially for our Heroines box! We also worked with the brilliant Toad King Castings to feature a mini pack of their Skulls and Bones.

Finally, to round out the box, we chose the feature some rich purple Vallejo paints and an ink for painting Erishkigal's flowing purple gown. Marc, our resident painter, created an awesome tutorial on this showing you how to best take advantage of the depth and angles in this miniature's design.

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Inside April’s “Villains” Drop!

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing heroines april

April Drop Contents:

  • Erishkigal, from the Soul Train faction by Purgatory Miniatures, £10.00
  • 60mm Graveyard Base by Alien Lab Creator, £4.20
  • Bag of Bones by Toad King Castings, £1.50
  • 100x Custom Edition Spooky Tufts by Serious Play Scenics, £4.99
  • Vallejo Extra Opaque, Heavy Violet, £2.55
  • Vallejo Model Color, Blue Violet, £2.55
  • Vallejo Game Color, Violet Ink, £2.55

April Mini Tutorial:
Inside every heroines box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For April's Heroines Drop we covered how to use the purple paints and ink to paint beautiful purple robes.

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Erishkigal – Queen of the Dead

Erishkigal purgatory miniatures asset drop heroines
Erishkigal - the Queen of Kur - from Purgatory Miniatures

Erishkigal is an absolutely stunningly designed miniature, with a lot of resin packed into the box, making her exceptional value for money. She's an incredibly detailed model, and personally, I absolutely love her wings - a true showpiece! I can't really praise this miniature enough to be honest, and was excited about the prospect of breaking the Heroines mould a little be featuring a Villain for April. Here theming of the Underworld also gave us the freedom to get spooky with the contents of this box, all put together to show off this stunning mode. Check out the constructed version of her below!

Erishkigal purgatory miniature asset drop heroines
Erishkigal by Purgatory Miniatures - Queen of the Dead

A Graveyard Base and a Bag of Bones

graveyard base alien lab toad king castings creator asset drop monthly
The highly detailed 60mm Graveyard Base by Alien Lab Creator, and the Bag of Bones
from Toad King Castings, Total RRP £5.70

Where do I start with the Graveyard Base sculpted by Jacek over at Alien Lab Creator? This base is incredibly detailed, featuring cracked tomb stones, writhing vines, malevolent skulls and more, all packed into one 60mm base! It's a beauty to behold and even more fun to paint, and it suited Erishkigal down to a tee.

To accompany the base, we wanted to give subscribers the ability to add more bones. Also, if subscribers preferred to create their own scenic base and save the one we included for another miniature, the Bag of Bones from Toad King Castings here in the UK was the perfect set of basing bits for anything 'spooky'. Despite their small size, the bones are also really well cast and high quality. Another must-have for the box!

Custom Spooky Tufts

serious play spooky tufts asset drop heroines box

The custom set of 100x spooky tufts designed specifically for our Villains Takeover box by Serious Play!

We were really excited about these tufts! It was obvious to us that a graveyard needed some vegetation, and the 60mm Graveyard Base was ideal for positioning tufts in the gaps, growing up around the sides of the gravestones. However, there didn't seem to be anything suitably 'spooky' out there, fit for a Queens base. We voiced this problem to Alex over at Serious Play, and decided to collaborate with him to design our own! We picked traditional 'Halloween' colours of orange, green and purple on a black tuft base to really invoke that fun horror feeling. This pack of 100x tufts was also ideal to add to our subscribers collection as an unusual and fun basing material!

A Trio of Vallejo Violet paints

vallejo violet asset drop heroines box

A trio of stunning violet paints from the Vallejo Model Color and Game Color ranges, Full RRP £7.65

Believe it or not, we've never actually featured vallejo paints in our Heroines Box and thought they would be a great band to include this month, especially considering they have some beautiful purple/ violet colours to choose from. We wanted to go with this colour to honour Erishkigal's colour scheme and ensure subscribers would have the perfect set of paints for painting her flowing gown. We included a detailed tutorial from our resident paint Marc on how to use these paints to produce the best effect. See the image below:

purgatory miniatures Erishkigal asset drop
Violet dress painted using the trio of Vallejo paints by Marc
for the April Heroines box tutorial!

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