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November Heroes Drop Unboxed

November's Heroes Drop was the first ever Heroes Box! After many requests for a male counterpart to our popular female miniatures subscription, we finally relented and launched the spectacular Heroes Box! This drop makes a perfect combo with the Heroines Box each month for any miniature painting couples out there 🙂

In our first edition of this new box, we featured the incredible Bishop miniature by Rage Craft Studio which came with three different head options and two weapon choices!

Serious Play created a custom base extender for the scenic base already in the Bishop's box to make it 40mm in size. This allowed room for some awesome resin basing bits to set the scene- Religious Tomes by Serious Play and Candles by MiniMonsters.

Finally, our chosen trio of paints for The Bishop were a set of pinks & purples by The Army Painter for painting the pink robe on the Bishop's artwork. Our resident painter, Marc created a fantastic Step By Step tutorial to accompany the Heroes Box for making pink cloth pop!

The Heroes Drop has now become the Villains Drop, which you can learn more about here.

Inside November’s Heroes Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing heroes november

November Drop Contents:

  • 32mm Bishop miniature by Rage Craft Studio, £15.90
  • Custom Base Extender by Serious Play Scenics, £2.49
  • Religious Tomes by Serious Play Scenics, £2.49
  • Mini Monsters Resin Candles x3, £0.97
  • The Army Painter, Grimoire Purple, £2.20
  • The Army Painter, Orc Blood, £2.20 (for painting the Bishop’s robes)
  • The Army Painter, Warlock Purple, £2.20

November Mini Tutorial:
Inside every heroes box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For November's tutorial we covered how to paint incredible looking pink robes to really allow your miniature to pop on the tabletop!

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Our Warrior Bishop Miniature

the bishop rage craft studio asset drop heroes
The Bishop Miniature by Rage Craft Studio

The Bishop by Rage Craft Studio was an obvious choice for our first Heroes Box. He's a fantastic sculpt with a dramatic pose that's perfect for the tabletop, not to mention the fact that he comes with three extra head options; three! As well as the additional heads to choose from, subscribers also received an alternative hand option. Do you want your Warrior Bishop to be holding a Holy Bible in the air to accompany his war cry, or an ornate shield? We love the extra customization that the Bishop miniature provides, as well as beautiful detail and a diverse array of fabrics and textures to enjoy painting.

Below you can see some photos from our subscribers who have painted their November miniature and taken the time to share their projects on social media.

the bishop by rage craft studio asset drop heroes
Painted by our subscriber Mark of the UK

Base Extender and Basing Bits

serious play base asset drop monthly asset drop heroes rage craft studio the bishop base
The Resin Basing Bits and Custom Base Extender crafted by Serious Play to enhance the Bishop's base
Full RRP £5.63

With our Great Paints boxes, we like to provide a larger scenic base to add basing bits to for more customisation. Plus, these boxes are all about painting an amazing diorama, and to do that, you need a larger base. With The Bishop by Rage Craft Studio, you actually get an included scenic base, which is beautifully ornate. So instead of replacing this base with a larger scenic one, we commissioned Serious Play to design a custom base extender! We were blown away by the result and how seemlessly the two bases worked together to provide more space for the included basing bits.

A Trio of Warpaints

army painter warpaints asset drop heroes box
A trio of pink and purples by The Army Painter

The studio colour scheme for the Bishop miniature is absolutely fantasic and features a brilliant pink robe, which we wanted to recreate in our Heroes Box tutorial. The Army Painter has some excellent colours designed for fantasy miniatures, and so they were an obvious choice to create a really vibrant pink look! Our resident painter, Marc created a brilliant tutorial to accompany the Heroes Box on how to paint pink cloth.

rage craft studio asset drop heroes box the bishop
The Studio colour scheme for The Bishop miniature by Rage Craft Studio

Check Out The New Villains Box

The Heroes Box is now the Villains Box. Places on our Villains subscription are always limited with only a few opening up each month. Sign up for the latest box, if it's available, by clicking the link below!

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