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March Heroes Drop Unboxed

March's Heroes Box was all about Victorian Steampunk, featuring a dashing gentleman hero from the Wolsung world designed by Micro Art Studio! To accompany him we picked a fantastic 60mm Flagstone Base by Tabletop Art that perfectly captured this era of time.

With plenty of room on the scenic base, we also includes a fun Clockwork Servant from Micro Art Studio to accompany our hero as he saves the day. To further decorate the base in true Victorian style, we included a detailed stone pillar by Zealot Miniatures to add height to the diorama, as well as some wooden crates to stack up in the background.

Finally, for the paints we went with a fantastic set of camo green colours by The Army Painter. Marc, our resident miniature painter, then used these paints to create an excellent tutorial on producing a check patterned clock.

The Heroes Drop has now become the Villains Drop, which you can learn more about here.

Inside March’s Heroes Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing heroes march

March Drop Contents:

  • 28mm Arthur Baskerville from the Wolsung Skirmish Game, £9.00
  • 28mm Clockwork Servant from Wolsung, £4.00
  • 60mm Flagstone Base by Tabletop Art, £4.00
  • 1x Stone Pillar by Zealot Miniatures, £2.40
  • 2x Wooden Crates by Micro Art Studio, £2.15
  • The Army Painter, Venom Wyrm, £2.20
  • The Army Painter, Commando Green, £2.20
  • The Army Painter, Necrotic Flesh, £2.20

March Mini Tutorial:
Inside every Heroes Box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For March's Heroes drop, we teach you how to paint a patterned cloak using the camouflage green trio from The Army Painter in a checked style.

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The Steampunk Gentlemen
and his Clockwork Servant

arthur baskerville micro art studio sset drop heroes
Arthur Baskerville from Micro Art Studio and a Clockwork Servant, Full RRP £13.00

Our gentleman hero from Micro Art Studio's steampunk world was Arthur Baskerville! We just loved the dynamic nature of his clock and his 'en garde!' stance, filling this model with personality. His steampunk goggles and Sherlock Holmes vibe clothes all added perfectly to the theming of March's heroes drop.

We also included a Clockwork Servant with him, available in one of three poses, as we thought these guys adding an element of humour to the scene. Plus, who wouldn't want a clockwork sidekick?

Below you can see the finished version of Arthur's check patterned cloak, painted by Marc for the March Heroes painting tutorial, included for free in the box as a glossy printed booklet!

arthur baskerville micro art studio asset drop heroes
Arthur's checked cloak from this month's Heroes tutorial
Painted by Marc Shucksmith-Wesley

Flagstone Base by Tabletop Art

asset drop heroes flagstone base tabletop art
60mm Victorian Flagstone base by Tabletop Art

Tabletop Art from Germany are one of our favourite base producers, creating fantastic quality and highly detailed pieces. We particularly love the storm grate detailing on the base, because it adds some great variety to the flat landscape. The built in dirt also helps to emphasise the Victorian theming, since people would still be transported around via horse & carriage, leaving the streets more than a little dirty! All in all, the thought and attention added to this 60mm base make it the perfect addition to the Heroes Box this month.

A Set of Victorian Basing Bits

crates micro art studio pillar zealot miniatures asset drop heroes box
Detailed wooden crates by Micro Art Studio and
a stone pillar by Zealot Miniatures, Full RRP £4.55

Basing bits can really help to set a scene, and given the nice flat nature of the Flagstone Base, we wanted to add some extra height. We went with a stone pillar by Zealot Miniatures that can be positioned anywhere on the base for visual interest. It is also in keeping with the Victoria era too. Finally, we wanted subscribers to be able to stack up and arrange something on the base, so we went with the beautifully cast wooden crates from Micro Art Studio. These can be stacked together, or could even be used for Arthur to stand on top of. The best thing about basing bits is it's completely up to our subscribers what they want the scene to look like!

A Trio of Army Painter Greens

army painter camouflage green asset drop heroes box
The Army Painter Venom Wyrm, Necrotic flesh and Commando Green, Full RRP £6.60

The Army Painter produce a wonderful variety of high quality miniature paints in a diverse range of fantasy colours. We picked with the above trio to create a subdued green clock, which we felt suited the Victorian styling of Arthur Baskerville.

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The Heroes Box is now the Villains Box. Places on our Villains subscription are always limited with only a few opening up each month. Sign up for the latest box, if it's available, by clicking the link below!

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