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July’s Heroes Drop Unboxed

July's Heroes Box was lots of fun, following a Toxic Underworld theme and containing a modern Inspector miniature from Sukubus Studio. We paired this cool dude with a huge 50mm scenic Sewer Base from Malifaux to set the scene of our hazard inspector prowling the sewers in search of the problem.

Unfortunately for him the problem is a bit Cthulhu in nature because he find himself standing over a pit of tentacles! To paint this amazing base we included some high quality metallic paints from Darkstar Molten Metals and the Fallout wash from Secret Weapon. In the Heroes Painting Guide we covered how to use the bright green wash to create a whole array of excellent slime effects to properly set the scene!

Finally, as a bonus basing bit and to show the source of this leaking slime, we included a Toxic waste barrel from Zinge Industries.

The Heroes Drop has now become the Villains Drop, which you can learn more about here.

Inside July’s Heroes Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing heroes july

July Drop Contents:

  • Inspector miniature, Sukubuss Studio, £10.00
  • Malifaux Wyrdscapes, 50mm Sewer Base, £8.99
  • Darkstar Molten Metals, Blue Steel, £3.50
  • Darksword Molten Metals, Pewter, £3.50
  • Secret Weapon, Fallout Wash, £3.80
  • Zinge Industries, Toxic Canister, £1.00

July Mini Tutorial:
Inside every Heroes Box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For July's Heroes Box we featured a tutorial on painting metal pipes on the Sewer Base, and three different techniques for creating a slime effect!

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The Hazard Inspector

the inspector sukubus studio asset drop heroes

The Inspector miniatrue works perfectly with the Sewer Base and paints to create a fun, modern diorama. Check out the images below from our subscribers showing their completed dioramas, using July's box contents!

july asset drop heroes malifaux

Painted by Watch It Paint It - YouTube

july asset drop heroes malifaux

Painted by @erqsed_ - Instagram

july asset drop heroes malifaux

Painted by @jeremybrown56 - Instagram

july asset drop heroes malifaux

Painted by @paul_broodrooster - Instagram

Malifaux 50mm Wyrdscapes Sewer Base

asset drop heroes malifaux wyrdscapes july

Darkstar Metallic Paints and Secret Weapon Wash

secret weapon fallout wash asset drop heroes box

Zinge Industries Toxic Canister

asset drop heroes toxic canister

Check Out The New Villains Box

The Heroes Box is now the Villains Box. Places on our Villains subscription are always limited with only a few opening up each month. Sign up for the latest box, if it's available, by clicking the link below!

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