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December Heroes Drop Unboxed

December's box was the month of the Samurai, and we featured two noble warriors from the honourable Prefecture of Ryu of Bushido Miniatures. These two miniatures both serve the same House and work together to protect their clan; one a master teacher and the other head of the house guard, they were ideal to feature in our Heroes Box.

To display these awesome models, we chose the equally awesome 60mm Asian Garden base from Secret Weapon, which is highly detailed and a joy to paint! To brighten up the base and really give the impression of a colourful Japanese Garden, we included a set of bright tufts from our friends at Serious Play.

Finally, to paint the skilled Samurai, we included a trio of bright greens by Coat d'Arms, perfect for their fabric clothing. These greens are ideal for helping the miniatures to pop on the tabletop, and were accompanied by an excellent tutorial from our resident painter Marc. All our Great Paints boxes have free tutorials to add even more value to the drops!

The Heroes Drop has now become the Villains Drop, which you can learn more about here.

Inside December’s Heroes Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing heroes december

December Drop Contents:

  • 28mm Kenta Takashi from the Prefecture of Ryu house, £7.95
  • 28mm Iiju Makoto from the Prefecture of Ryu house, £7.95
  • 60mm Asian Garden base by Secret Weapon, £4.85
  • Asian Flower Tufts by Serious Play, £2.39
  • Coat d’Arms paint, Black Green, £2.30 (for the samurai robes)
  • Coat d’Arms paint, Bogey Green, £2.30
  • Coat d’Arms paint, Scorpion Green, £2.30

December Mini Tutorial:
Inside every heroes box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For December's tutorial we covered how to paint green fabric and get smooth blends of colour on your Samurai.

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Our Noble Samurai Miniatures

samurai bushido miniatures prefecture of ryu asset drop heroes
Kenta Takashi and Ilju Makoto from the Bushido miniatures game, Full RRP £15.90

We absolutely love the miniatures for Bushido, created by GCT Studios. They are highly detailed, posed in realistic and interesting ways, and cover a wide range of Asian styles. We went with Samurai for December's box and chose characters from the Prefecture of Ryu. You can learn more above them below, with text taken directly from the Bushido website:

"Kenta: Kenta is a true samurai in every sense of the word. As a boy he knew his path, the one he has walked for many cycles in service to his family and the name Takashi. A veteran of countless battles and campaigns, he is a master swordsman, no foe able to outflank him due to practised footwork and deft movements. Many times enemies foolishly thought they had struck the killing blow but the ancestors favour Kenta amongst all others. Though quietly spoken his presence in battle banishes any fear in his troops, steeling their hearts for victory."

"Ilju: A ward is a member of a noble clan who has been taken in by another clan to be raised for a time. Ilju was sent to House Takashi to help learn the customs of this clan as part of his education. IIju is not originally from this house, but his loyalty to the Takashi is unquestioned. He is the head of the Takashi household guard whom follow his orders without hesitation."

kenta takashi asset drop heroes ilju makoto asset drop heroes
Studio colour scheme for the Samurai miniatures featured in December's Box

Asian Garden Base and Japanese Flowers

asset drop heroes asian garden base serious play

The Asian Garden Base from Secret Weapon and Japanese Flower Tufts from Serious Play<br>Full RRP £7.24

To accompany our Samurai we picked the Asian Garden base from Secret Weapon. The miniatures could be positioned on the base as if they are training together in the garden of House Takashi, keeping thier skills sharp and ready to protect their clan. The Asian Garden base is absolutely beautiful with some amazing textures!

We also went for these stunning flower tufts from Serious Play to add bursts of colour to the Asian base. There are plenty of tufts in the packet to use on other bases once subscribers have designed their Japanese Garden.

A Trio of Coat d’Arms Greens

coat d arms green paint asset drop heroes box
A trio of greens from Coat d'Arms

For the paints we went with this stunning green trio from Coat d'Arms, which work together to produce a wonderful effect. These bright colours are ideal for fantasy settings and can really make fabric pop. Check out the cloth effect below painted by our resident painter Marc using the Coat d'Arms trio. You'll find a Step by Step tutorial on how to achieve this look included for FREE in the Heroes Box!

asset drop heroes box painting green fabric

Green cloth tutorial painted by Marc for December's Heroes Box

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The Heroes Box is now the Villains Box. Places on our Villains subscription are always limited with only a few opening up each month. Sign up for the latest box, if it's available, by clicking the link below!

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